segunda-feira, agosto 30, 2010

NMEDA - Mobility Solutions

A few years from now I become interested and concerned about people with low mobility resources and the difficulty for them to perform some of the more simple functions every day.

Go to the upper level of the house can be impossible and some times people with low mobility need to have a room downstairs, with all the changes implied on the day to day life.

NMEDA is a association that provides solutions for people with low mobility, and help not only the person with the disability but also the caregivers and family.

This non-profit association does not sell, they just have a list of associates that deal with vehicle modifications for the handicapped. NMEDA dealers help people to regain their independence of movement.

The solutions on the market for people with disability are most the same, but NMEDA dealers have a personalized evaluation of each one, in order to provide the best solution for them.

These solutions, on mobility issues can go from a modified Mini van or scooter to pick up trucks and special vehicles.

The modifications necessary to provide high security mobility are customized for each one.

In my opinion, NMEDA – National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, is a great association to help people with disabilities or handicapped to be independent again!


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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