terça-feira, abril 28, 2009

De todas as coisas que a sabedoria concede para nos tornar a vida completamente feliz, a maior é a amizade.

Epicuro (341-270 a.C.)

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sexta-feira, abril 24, 2009

Vieira da Silva (A Poesia está na Rua)

Acordo com os pássaros cativos,
Com a ária da vida nos ouvidos,
Acordo sem amarras nos sentidos,
Fiéis à sempiterna liberdade...
Nada pôde vencer a lealdade
Que juraram à deusa aventureira.
Nem as grades do sono, nem a severidade
Da noite carcereira.

Acordo e recomeço
O canto interrompido:
O desvairado canto
Da ira irrequieta...
- O canto que o poeta
Se obrigou a cantar
Antes de ter nascido,
Antes de a sua angústia começar.

Miguel Torga - Destino

25 de Abril, Sempre

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Artificial trees and plants

During the past years I have a great experience in visiting clients all over the country and I noted that are two or maybe three kind of offices according to their green look!

You have the modern and plain offices without any green distributed by the office rooms, you just see the plain, modern and clean rooms. Great design with a very plain style!

Then, you have the second type of offices, conservative design some plants on the waiting room, with high maintenance work, water and plant food are necessary to keep them always green and beautiful.

The third type of offices, and the ones that we can find more often nowadays, are the ones who use artificial plants or artificial trees that are superbly designed and manufactured to look exactly the real ones.

To someone who loves real plants it main seems a heresy to have artificial plants on a office, but thinking rationally it is a way of saving the planet too, these plants need almost no maintenance, you only need to clean the dust one a week, you will save water, and chemicals products are not used to keep them always green and alive.

The same can be applied to silk flowers, it is possible to have some beautiful floral arranges, free from water, durable and that you only note the difference, looking very closely!

Silk plants are perfect for closed public places and interiors, because they provide a good looking environment without the troubles of having live plants with ll the maintenance needed to keep them alive and beautiful.

If your forget to water your live plants for a week, it will be possible that they die in a mater of a few days, but with artificial trees, silk plants and silk flowers they will stay green for ages!

Be yourself!

In an era of mass production where the products come equal and all the same from the production facilities, it seems impossible to have a personalized item affordable.

For instance, just imagine the millions of people that jog or frequent a gym every day. Are you picturing this number in your mind?

Ok, then think of their water bottles, are you seen that? Do you remember to see personalized water bottles on the hand of some of those athletes? Is almost impossible to remember that, but now you can choose your own, personalized monogrammed water bottle just by choosing the type of lettering, the fabric and you will have your own and unique item.

But don’t think that you can only personalize water bottles, you also can have personalized tumblers to keep you coffee hot or your ice tea…. Iced!

You can choose all of these items from Posy Lane, and why not use them as a gift favour

terça-feira, abril 21, 2009

Está quase a chegar!

Lá vem ele!

Hora da refeição.

Missão cumprida.

Este domingo na Ericeira.
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Collar for Dogs

As you all know, I have a dog, she is a female and she is beautiful, blond with green eyes, she can make lots of people turn the head just to see her walk.

Well, having just a beautiful dog I need to have care with their appearance, and I was looking for some dog collars original, that will make her look even better.

The times where a dog collar was just another nylon strip with one colour belongs to the past, now it’s possible to choose from a great variety of designs and colours.

Someone who really worries about the way their dog look can search for the coolest collars for dogs at Dog-colar.net, there the most difficult its to really choose because they have such great collars that it will be difficult to you to buy just one.

You can search by theme, if you are a stripes person or a beach and ocean lover you will find an appropriate collar, but if you care for the environment you also have Eco friendly collars made with organic leather.

This is really a great place to visit if you have a dog and want great and original collars!

sexta-feira, abril 17, 2009

Árvore do chá (Leptospermum scoparium )

Pervinca (Vinca minor)

Gerânio (Pelargonium hortorum)

A flor que és, não a que dás, eu quero.
Porque me negas o que te não peço.
Tempo há para negares
Depois de teres dado.
Flor, sê-me flor! Se te colher avaro
A mão da infausta esfinge, tu perene
Sombra, errarás absurda,
Buscando o que não deste.

Fernando Pessoa/Ricardo Reis

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terça-feira, abril 14, 2009

A Maria Faia tem no seu blogue toda a história sobre Ikebana, arte floral japonesa, de onde tirei
esta imagem. Aconselho vivamente a passarem por lá porque, tal como eu, ficarão encantados.

Tenho fases, como a lua
Fases de andar escondida,
fases de vir para a rua...
Perdição da minha vida!
Perdição da vida minha!
tenho fases de ser tua,
tenho fases de ser sózinha.

Fases que vão e vêm,
no secreto calendário
Que um astrólogo arbitrário
Inventou para meu uso.
E roda a melancolia
Seu interminável fuso

Não me encontro com ninguém
(tenho fases como a lua...)
No dia de alguém ser meu
não é dia de eu ser sua...
E, quando chega esse dia,
O outro desapareceu.

Cecília Meireles - Lua adversa

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Cookies and candies, wedding favours

At weddings normally people use to give to the newly weds, presents, gifts that will help start their life in common.

At the reception however it is use for the bride and groom to have some small gifts used like a small token of friendship, these tokens, are known as wedding cookie favors and are fully personalized to the event.

But you can use these edible wedding favours for more than a wedding, if you have a party or a corporate event, you also can use the classy and inexpensive as a promotional gift. You can choose between cookies and candies, what are the most appropriate to you event.

Candy wedding favors or cookies they are all delicious, cheap and very attractive, you just need to choose the package that you like, the ribbon and the font to personalize your message, and Posy Lane, will do the rest!

Posy Lane is an online store with a complete list of personalized gifts suitable to corporate events, parties, weddings and other personal events that come across your life!

quinta-feira, abril 09, 2009

Flor da Paixão (Passiflora caerulea)

Volto a cantar, e voltam-me à memória
As rústicas imagens
Que guardei na retina
de menino:
O repique do sino
Depois da negras horas da Paixão,
E a brejeira
Que num toco
já oco
De cerdeira
- Flauta que um pica-pau lhe dera -
A seiva assobiava à Primavera...

Miguel Torga - Ressurreição

Para todos uma Feliz Páscoa.

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Busy mom!

Busy people need to plan the day in order to keep in mind all the compromises of the day, and get to places in time.

Being a busy mom, implies a great deal of organization, compromises can be of different kinds, business or home matters should have different treatments.

Imagine a mom, who needs to keep in mind all the children activities during the day, plus the things to do daily at home, and a million house management stuff.

For that or this mom have a prodigious memory, or have an Agenda Desktop who helps planning the day, without forgetting anything, like a kid on the piano lessons or a child on gym.

A Mom agenda can be compared to a butler who keeps the house running smoothly with all the tasks being followed by the second.

In order to keep all right and without mistakes, families with more than one child should have personalized children nap mats to take along when they will need to take a nap on the day care center or going out.

With personalizes nap mats, you always know that your children sleep on their one mats, clean and controlled.


Do you remember to have fun when you where a little boy and get down the street on you roller cart?

Well I do remember and it was great! Of course that in those times the cart rollers where very primitive and made by us, with some wood and four wheels.

Now the kids have the Ezy-roller a three wheels cart without pedals, chains or batteries, this cart rolls very smoothly just by moving the feet. With the feet movement the cart will glide forward, and when your kid think that the he is speeding, than it is time to press the breaks.

These Ezy-Rollers are great, and can be found at Posy Lane, a online store with a great number of different gadgets, toys and personalized items.

And talking on personalized gifts, normally on the Spring and Summer time couples use to get married so having personalized wedding favours can be very distinctive

terça-feira, abril 07, 2009


Aldeia Típica de José Franco

Capelinha de Nª Senhora da Boa viagem - Ericeira

Mar da Ericeira
Neste passado domingo tive o privilégio de conhecer duas pessoas maravilhosas : A Janaína e o Luis. Janaína um dos cinco nomes de Iemanjá, Deusa do Mar. Nome que eu já conhecia pois nos anos sessenta ofereceram-me dois LP de Dorival Caymmi. Num deles ( "Canções Praieiras") há uma canção assim, pouco mais ou menos:
Andei por andar, andei
E todo o caminho deu no mar
Andei pelo mar, andei
Nas águas de dona Janaína
A onda do mar vem
A onda do mar vai
Quem vem pra beira da praia, meu bem
Não volta nunca mais.
A melodia no violão de Dorival torna-a inesquecível. Assim é Janaína! Doce e serena como este mar da Ericeira.
Saravá, meus amigos.
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How to personalize a letter

I like to have my stationery personalized, but I don’t like to spend a lot of Money doing that, for instance, I use plain letter paper to communicate with my family, and I write by hand of course. I think that a personal letter must be written and not printed in a computer printer, it seems to be a very cold way to send a letter to friends and family.

Then I have found Posy Lane, that is an online store with good stuff that help people to personalize everything.

Now I am thinking in buying personalized ink stamps, with that my letters will look very different and original.

Instead of PSa essentials ink stamp I also can use an embosser that will make a emboss mark on my letter paper.

Next time that I will send some gifts to my friends, like nam's bits chocolate chip cookies I will use my new embosser or my new personalized ink stamp, and my friends will be astonished with the good look of a simple and plain letter.

Sweet gifts!

The fastest way to get to someone is to give some sweet gift, the sweet taste open doors and will make people happier.

Sometimes advertising or marketing departments need big brainstorms and long meetings just to decide what kind of gifts they will have to distribute to clients, reps, customers or sponsors.

These people spend some hours sending ideas to the middle of the table and discussing if clients and other relations of the company will like the elaborate gifts that they will have to give.

But sometimes it is so easy, the fastest way to get to people is very simple, just some sweets like nam's bits cookies that will leave a sweet taste to chocolate chips on the mouth and for sure will leave a good memory of your company.

Nam's bits can be used for long time they have a shelf life of six months, perfect to some marketing campaigns, so you can change the look of your gifts often, and your clients and friends will always look at these gifts as new.

To have customized gifts you just need to visit Posy Lane website and you will find great ideas for the marketing or your company, or just to give to friends and family!

sexta-feira, abril 03, 2009

Cheiro a terra as árvores e o vento
Que a Primavera enche de perfumes
Mas neles só quero e só procuro
A selvagem exalação das ondas
Subindo para os astros como um grito puro.

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen - Mar (II)

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