sábado, novembro 29, 2008

Na quinta-feira da semana passada, de volta a Lisboa, pela IC8.
O Outono ia ficando para trás, definitivamente.
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sexta-feira, novembro 28, 2008

Diet pills

There are two times in the year where people are generally concerned with weight loss, one is the Summer, to show great bodies on the beaches or in the pool, and the other is the time of festivities like Thanksgiving or Christmas, when they eat to much and worry about loosing that extra pounds!

Christmas is coming soon, and with the season normally there are great meals in family, with lots of sweets cakes and good stuff, and all that excellent food will transform in fat in our bodies.

One way of loosing weight is with a diet stop eating sweets, fats and starting to eat more vegetables and salads or by making exercise and footing, but the faster way is to have the best diet pills to help loosing all that extra weigh without effort.

Of course there are a lot of different pills that claim to be the ones, so we need to find diet pills that work, and really will help to loose weight and gain a good figure.

And to find the right pills, we need to get the maximum information that helps to decide what pills to buy, by reading diet pills reviews that explain how they work on your body and burn all the extra that is sitting around our bodies!

quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2008

Nasce o sol trabalhamos.
Põe-se o sol descansamos.
Cavamos um poço, para beber,
Lavramos um campo, p'ra comer:
O Imperador e seu poder - Queremos lá saber!

Anónimo - (sec. III a.C. - China)

Trad. Gil de Carvalho

in Rosa do Mundo
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terça-feira, novembro 25, 2008

Ganar dinero!

Caros amigos, encontrei um site muito interessante cujo tema principal é compilar os locais na internet onde os internautas podem ganhar dinheiro online.

Existem vários modos na Internet para se ganhar dinheiro honestamente, seja através da colocação de anúncios em blogues, na escrita de posts, na revisão de sites, ou através da simples actividade de clicar em anúncios publicitários e vê-los durante uns segundos.

Outro dos modos para ganhar dinheiro, é através da referência de outros que se registem em sites para visualizar anúncios.

Claro que também existem muitas fraudes na Internet, sites que não pagam e que utilizam a credulidade de muitos dos internautas para enviar spam, ou até para o envio de spyware e por isso é necessário ter muito cuidado quando se tenta ganhar dinheiro online.

Um site como dinerofair.com é uma ajuda para os internautas que querem começar a ganhar dinheiro mas ou não sabem como, ou então tem receio de ser enganados online

segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2008

Usem as vossas jóias de oiro e os vossos vestidos de seda.
Saboreiem enquanto é tempo os frágeis prazeres da vida.
Os ramos ficarão despidos quando vier o grande frio.
Sem o sol, emurchecidas as flores, que é a vida? Apenas saudade.

Tu Chiu Nang (c.750 - China)

Trad. António Ramos Rosa

(in Rosa do Mundo)

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domingo, novembro 23, 2008

Online casinos

This week I was talking to some friends that use to play online games at online casino rooms, and you start to discuss what where the best casinos to play.

For one of them the best casinos have a greater number of games to play online for free, for the other the best online casinos are the ones that pay higher prize money.

So you where discussing that, and I told them that to know which are the best casinos online, for free games or playing for money, or even the casinos with the best bonuses, they have to visit an online directory that list the best free casinos online, poker rooms.

But at freecasinos.ws, every gambler can find much more, multi currency casinos, casinos for USA players and a lot of different rooms for every kind of players.

So, to play online, the only thing that you need now is your skill to play, and if you are a good online player you can earn good money, just by playing!

Go to freecasinos.ws read the reviews and then choose the right room for you to play, for free or for money, for sure that there is a casino for you to play. If you are fun of Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Slots, Craps or other kind of games, visit this great site and choose the room!


I love to travel! Travel is one of my favourite activities, unfortunately the air fares prices are so high that I can not do it so often as I wanted.

I love to go to Paris for a weekend by the Seine, or fly to London for three days of pure delight, and visit the Big Apple, New York, with the huge avenues, but the budget necessary for these trips do not allow me to do it more than one time a Year.

But now with cheap flights, I am starting to think that it will be possible to go to my favourite places more than once a year, and perhaps, three or four times each year.

I started to visit an online page that allows me to search for the best offers and the cheap airline tickets. When I search for this kind of tickets, the budget available for shopping, of to go to attend a show is bigger. Now a part of the money that I used to spend on airplane tickets will be used at Broadway or at Fifth Avenue shops.

Lowfares.com, it is a website that connect the travellers with the best prices, from the cheap airline tickets to the best budget hotels or car rentals.

Planning vacations it is easier now with Lowfares.com, and going out for a weekend every two or three months is much more possible with less money!

sábado, novembro 22, 2008

Largo silêncio amadurece o Outono.
O coração das folhas em letargo.
De alcantilado bosque cai no sono
O parque. Modorra a luz no lago.
E a natureza ali rendida à calma
Escuta, toda ouvidos num nenúfar,
Rumores da Eternidade que a sua alma
Antiga toca numa cana de açúcar.

Natália Correia - Outono

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sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2008

New pair of eyeglasses for the Holydays

This holydays I want to buy a new pair of eyeglasses in replacement of the old ones that I have now, and I am thinking in buying more than one pair. And I will search on Zenni Optical, they have the best prices.

Zenni Optical is the popular online eyeglasses shop, where I am searching of my new pair, they have a huge variety of frame models and great prices.

The prices that they have, allow me to choose glasses for special occasions, and I have seen for the current season that it is possible to search for Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical.

At Zenni Optical we can find the best prices on the market, starting at $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses.

terça-feira, novembro 18, 2008

Chorisia speciosa (corísia, sumaúma)

Esta árvore de aspecto tão feroz, cheia de espinhos, tem, contudo, uma flor bem delicada.

Fotografia tirada no Jardim Botânico Tropical. Nele se encontram espécies vegetais , num total de 600, originárias de regiões tropicais e subtropicais.

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Rent to buy, a great ownership program!

A dream for the most part of the families worldwide is to own is one house. By being the owner of your house people are investing in one of the most important assets for the life!

Of course that buying a house is a great investment that cannot by taken in a light way, the cost of a house and all the expenses that are implied on that can be huge.

For a young couple at the beginning of life can be difficult to start buying a house, the income that both contribute for the home budget is not very high and there are some other needs that can take the extra money.

But there is now an option for people that don’t want to have a great debt, on the beginning of life, is the Rent to Buy plan!

Rent to Buy is an ownership plan, where twenty to thirty percent of the rent is put aside to buy the house where people live.

This plan is ideal for people who can get a regular home loan from a bank, or for people that don’t want to start a life with a mortgage on their backs.

If you go to a real estate agency and they verify that you are eligible to rent a home, than you have a high probability to enter a Rent to Buy ownership plan.

And today with the world financial and economic crisis, you know that the banks are narrowing the credit limits and making difficult to everyone to get credit, so this program can free you from a long mortgage with a bank, and at the same time you will be able to buy your house.

Check it out at ownyourhome.com.au, I think that it is a great program for Australians to know!

Skate culture!

Every skater wants to have the latest stuff related to skateboard sports. Who doesn’t want to have the coolest board, the most exclusive deck?

And to make great moves, a skater needs to have very good skills and excellent material, to become a professional skater, it is important to have access to the best products and one way of that is to visit an online shop like Skateboardspro.com.

I love to see the good skaters make that excellent exercises and movements, some look dangerous like the Kickflip crooked grind or Ollie drop, and good reflexes are important to prevent a fall that can take to serious injuries if the skater is not properly protected with a good helmet, specially for the exercises that can take into high falls, a pair of knee pads can prevent future lesions.

Skateboard is one of my favourite sports and I like to see the beauty of the exercises, and the danger that it is always present when doing it.

As a street sport, skateboard is almost a way of living with all the culture that comes with the sport. And every culture has its one music, from the hip-hop to other rhythm’s, fashion designers are starting to see this culture and creating street wear suitable for skaters.

Skate is one of the most important street sports of the world, and having the ultimate skateboard is possible by visiting skateboard.com.

sábado, novembro 15, 2008

Dos meus amigos de Reus - Catalunha, recebi este poema sobre a Amizade, que quero compartilhar com todos vós.


Es no tener miedo a la verdad, no tener que ocultar.
Respetar en silencio las decisiones tomadas
aún cuando no se está de acuerdo en ellas.
No cuestionar.
Saber escuchar y saber callar.
Apoyar y dar un abrazo fraterno,
tener solidaridad.
No aprisionar.
Saber decir en el momento preciso
las palabras adecuadas, sin tener que buscarlas.
No confundir la franqueza , con la ofensa.
Es aceptar que nadie es perfecto y
que por lo tanto nadie esta exento de cometer errores.
Apoyar en las decisiones y momentos difíciles
sin mencionarlo previamente.
Es respeto mutuo.
Es compartir, dar sin esperar recibir.
Amistad para mi es...


té la mà maria-reus

Muito obrigada, amigos.

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Unsecured loans

Unfortunately the economic crisis has not reach it’s end, and there are a great number of families that are passing for trouble times.

Some American families have more than five credit cards, plus mortgage and other credits. And the same happens with small business companies, the crisis is affecting everyone in the country and all over the world.

The access to credit is very difficult, banks are restraining the credit and small companies are facing great difficulties to survive and to invest.

For getting credit there are some financial companies specialized in small business loans, these are loans for small companies without collaterals to present to a bank and that have seen the major difficulties that the banks are creating to credit access.

But Unsecured Funding Source, accept applications from families and individuals too, personal loans is another area of service that they provide.

So if you problem Is personal, you can get a personal loan, if your problem is business financing, you can apply to a small business loan.
They provide an answer to your problems in less than 48 hours, you will receive an Yes or No in the time. The fast and easy way to get money!

I Will Not Die!

On my net expeditions I an always looking for new pages, new gadgets and new blogs to follow and today I have found on this virtual world a blog that I think that is interesting, the name is, I Will Not Die, and I think that the name is well choose, because of the stories that the owner can tell us.

I specially like the design, I think that this blog has a good template very clear and neat, so it make it vary easy do read.

Other great feature of I will Not Die, is the forum, where the visitors can interact among them and with the blog owner.

I think that is I Will Not Die, is a good blog with interesting matters, and the worth to keep following.

quinta-feira, novembro 13, 2008


Há quantos anos convosco vivo
poetas deste mundo e todos os feitios,
como com tudo quanto seja criação humana,
desde as fantasias da carne à contemplação do espaço!
Se vos traduzo para vós em mim,
não é porque vos use para dizer o que não disse,
ou para que digais o que não haveis dito -
- mas para que sejais da minha língua,
aquela a que pertenço e me pertence,
e assim nela eu me sinta em todo o mundo e sempre,
por vossa companhia.
Pois para quem haveis escrito
senão para quem vos ame e queira.

Jorge de Sena - Envoi (Jan.1970?)

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segunda-feira, novembro 10, 2008

Um outro olhar sobre Óbidos.

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Personal Loan

It seems that the economic crisis is starting to slow down, however the access to a personal loan it is now easy near the major banks.

To apply to a personal loan in a bank, is still difficult, they ask for a lot of warranties and collaterals in order to give credit to an individual or to a family. But the worst is the time that they take to decide if they will give the credit or not.

And for most of the families in financial trouble, time is the worst enemy, the bills are still coming and the money is short.

So today, the best way to have fast money while applying to a personal loan, is to start talking with a company like AFS Loans Online, they are surely the fastest way to get a personal loan!

Singersroom, a multimedia online magazine

I am always looking for the latest trends, the recent videos, or the hottest stories with celebrities.

But to have all of this I had to search on different web sites, yes, I had, because now I have access to an online multimedia magazine that give me all of this stuff, the magazine is Singersroom.com.

And it is easy to surf on Singersroom.com, if you are interested in celebrities gossip, just go their blog and you will read everything about your favourite celebrity and you will know the latest gossips about them.

And to know the latest news about the singers that you like, the news page is ideal to keep up, and be informed.

But there is much more at Singersroom.com, you will find videos, interviews, lifestyle and more good stuff about your favourite artists.
Reading Singersroom.com will make you the best informed fan about your favourite celebrities and artists!

sábado, novembro 08, 2008

Um passeio até à Foz do Lizandro (Ericeira) pode ser uma boa escolha para levar a família.
Principalmente agora que toda a praia levou profundos melhoramentos.
Temos de um lado um rio calmo correndo docemente para o mar.
E do outro temos um mar que nesta altura do ano mostra toda a sua beleza e força.
Porque a praia também é bonita no Inverno e o iodo faz bem todo o ano.

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Nouveau University

Nowadays, with the real estate market suffering great convulsions it is time for some very good deals.

The prices are coming down fast, the banks have a huge number of houses, condos, apartments on their hands that they are eager to sell, and the fast they sell, the fast they make some money.

It is time for the people with long term vision to change career and embrace a new one on the real estate business.

But changing careers it is not easy, and starting a new one without knowing the secrets of the trade can be very dangerous.

To people who wants to start a career as a real estate agent, there is a place to start learning everything about this business, Nouveau University.

At Nouveau University, the students will learn all about real estate business, the finances, all the forms needed to start selling and to have a very profitable business.

Nouveau University was founded by Jim Piccolo, a visionary entrepreneur who wants to pass to others all the knowledge gain on years and years of business experience. Attending classes at Nouveau University will prepare you for a new career in real estate business by teaching you all the trade movements from investing, accounting, finance and marketing.

When you finish you learning at Nouveau University you will be fully prepared to star your own business and having a real estate agency!

quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2008

Imagens da Sky News

Hoje também sou americana.
Carolina do Norte votou Obama. Um Estado que guardo no coração.
Estou feliz e emocionada por viver este momento histórico.

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O homem põe e ... a Net dispõe.

O que eu queria dizer-vos ontem era só isto: Parece que vou deixar de ver da minha janela estes magníficos colossos , que nos fazem sonhar. Dizem que vou passar a ver contentores.
Que pena.
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Family room furniture

At my house I am changing my living room, we are buying a new TV set and remodelling the all room.

First we are trying to make from this family room an entertainment center , with a place to hear music, to see a movie on DVD or just to rest and read a good book.

To be comfortable I like a good leather sofa, with space to be and with the touch of leather, smooth and light.

Leather furniture is very classy and with a modern design, and a room with this kind of furniture looks absolutely great.

But a family room must have other pieces of furniture so it gets comfortable for all family, one of these pieces is a coffee table, it is essential on a family room, not only for the coffee but also to have some magazines on fashion and decoration.

At Spacify.com you can choose from a great variety of coffee tables made of wood, glass, metal or a combination of these materials.

A modern entertainment center is the main focus place of the room, the TV set at most part of homes, is the most important item in the family room, all the family sits to see this large window to the world, at the middle of the room.

Visit Spacify.com and look at the great design furniture that they have to you!


I am a fun of street sports, street art, and street clothes, and the essence of all of this is the skateboard sports.

And skateboards are also small pieces of art rolling beneath the feet of younger sports. Everyone who is use to skate wants the most different and unique skateboard deck to show to their friends.

I’m always looking for new sites with skate materials, like the ultimate decks, the complete skateboards from the best brands and manufacturers.

But this is not the only things that I look for on skateboards sites, you know that skating asks for a good outfit a nothing better than visit skateboardspro.com and choose greet jackets or hats.

As you know, skating can be dangerous if performed without the right precautions so having protective gear like a good helmet, a nose guard and knee pads are fundamental to prevent serious injuries.

A good skater beside the skateboard must have accessories to their boards, new wheels, trucks and of course a good repair kit with nuts and bolts, rails, the full hardware!

To be a good skater you must be informed and know the latest moves and all that you can do with your skateboards, test your limits, so, how about learning with the best, by seeing DVD’s or reading some books and magazines about this great sport!

For starting you can buy a complete skateboard full assembled from a very good brand – they are all available at this site – and latter when you feel confident you can build your one.

Building a skateboard is not very difficult, you just need the right components, good wheels, good trucks, a well designed deck,, nuts and bolts, and specially you need to feel the skate, feel that this skateboard will be yours made by you.

So, if you want to start skating, or you are a experienced skater and need to buy materials to your favourite sports, just click here!

Zenni Optical on Fox news analysis

Zenni Optical was on Fox news, on analysis by the Consumer reporter Melissa Painter, if you don’t know Zenni Optical is a great eyeglass company, with an internet shop, where everyone can find great modern glasses with great design for fabulous prices!

Now there are more people knowing that at Zenni Optical you can have great eyeglasses for less money, and very important, there are no limits for the type of glasses that you can buy, you can choose, variable dimension frames from Zenni with prices that can fit all wallets!

If you are looking for new frames or new eyeglasses visit Zenni Optical, after all they where on Fox news!

sábado, novembro 01, 2008

Ao subir a pequena escada da minha casa paro a pensar se será mesmo real,
A madressilva da janela convence-me mais do que toda a metafísica dos

Contemplar o amanhecer!
A luz débil desvanece as sombras imensas e diáfanas,
o ar agrada ao meu paladar.

Walt Whitman -Canto de Mim Mesmo - XXIV (Excertos)

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