domingo, agosto 31, 2008

Fast Unsecured Loans

Now the holydays have ended and there is time to star all over again, work, work, work!

It is time to go back to the office, and start the hard life of business, and as usual most of the clients have not pay the invoices sent one or two months ago, and our bills are starting to arrive very fast!

So, perhaps your company is in need of a small business loan, and you cannot ask to a bank because the delay is so large, than when you need the money it is to late,

For the urgency there is a company specialized in business loans, fast and easy, without any collaterals they call it Unsecured business loans!

If you are in need for a fast and easy loan to face an emergency, you must visit their site and ask for more information!

sábado, agosto 30, 2008

Top Quality loans

Today I heard that the interest rates are going up again in Europe, so the financial crisis it is installed and to be continued.

All started with the United States sub prime credit crisis with the banks getting stuck with the properties that people couldn’t continue to pay. The mortgages and the credit are now more difficult to obtain that 8 to 10 months before and the banks are now asking for a great number of documents and warranties to give someone credit and the most part of the times the credit is refused, or because of the absence of collaterals, or low income or tight grid of analysis by the bank credit staff!

The main problem is that this tight grid of credit analysis is valid also for small companies that most of the times do not have access to a line of credit important to develop the business and to invest on new businesses that will permit to grow and become a larger company. Or when the banks give credit to small businesses they charge high interest rates with a lot of collaterals and warranties that make the credit very expensive for a small company.

Small companies are always the last to have credit with good interest rates because these companies do not have enough cash flow to negotiate low rates and good credit lines. As you all now money talks, and when you have it more will come to increase your profits! Money calls Money!

But for small companies that need top quality financial products, good line of credit and specially low interest rates I discover at the internet one company that can be an answer to your needs! It is AFS – Accomodative Financial Solutions, specialists in Unsecured Loans to small businesses.

They can provide unsecured loans between $10.000 (ten thousand dollars) and $250.000(two hundred and fifty thousands dollars) with almost now documents.

Going to AFS web page you can see all the information needed to ask for an Unsecured business loan that can help the development of your company or business. Probably you will need the cash to buy new machines to increase production and some times a small credit is enough to a great jump on the development.

So go there and read the requirements to apply for an Unsecured loan they are experts on this financial business and they can help you choosing the right financial product for you!

sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2008

Continuando em Óbidos naquele passeio feito Com Calma.... fui reparando em vários pormenores e aqui fica mais um deles, numa das paredes estavam uma Borboleta e várias flores, para dar Alma....
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Unsecured small business loans

At holydays time, small companies can pass to difficult times when some payments are delayed due to responsible for the payments holydays and they need a business loan!

And when delays on the payments occur these small companies can go to bankruptcy and do not pay to workers and suppliers. To prevent this kind of situations it is possible now to access to small business loans or unsecured small business loans from $10.000 (ten thousands dollars) to $250.000 (two hundred and fifty thousands dollars)

Just visit Accommodative Financial Solutions web page and follow the instructions, if your company or small business need a business loan, an unsecured small business loan, or other lines of credit they can have a solution to your problems!

quarta-feira, agosto 27, 2008

Uma das grandes vantagens das visitas a Óbidos é a de que para qualquer lado que se olhe se pode encontrar um detalhe, um pormenor que nos chama a atenção. É só passear Com Calma.....
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I like to play online games! Every kind of online games, card games, board games, casino games like blackjack and others.

And one of my favourite games is the backgammon, and to play online backgammon nothing best than the most famous game site where the great players always go to play!

This site is the place where you can find the backgammon masters, they all pass here, and if you want to be a master on online backgammon you should start here!

You can learn everything about online backgammon, the rules and the strategies, and when you feel confident enough with your playing skills you can start entering in tournaments and in other backgammon events.

The first step to earning money is to know all about the game and then start seeing how you can bet on your game and start winning like the masters and champions that play on these tournaments.

But you can also find some card games at these sites, like the blackjack, one of the most famous casino card games where your target is to get twenty one points or the closest possible to this score ahead of the other players at the table! If you get the twenty one points and now other of the other players get it, you will win and keep all the money at the table!

So if you want to play backgammon of blackjack, start visiting these pages!


One of the things that I have seen is that people is getting more occupied and without time to speak to their friends or even to make new friends!

And with the time that they spend in front of a computer it is natural that they try to find friends online to chat! Of course there are several types of chat lines from adult chats to free chats!

For sure that if you want to chat online with someone you will find the right chat line for you at

Personal Loans

I know some people that are passing for trouble times due to the economic crisis that is passing by the western world! People that sees the end of the month coming very quickly and the money ending before that!

And this is specially disturbing when they have unexpected expenses, like a car problem or someone at the household get sick.

Everybody knows that when a problem arises there are other just waiting to appear and make ones life miserable! The lack of cash can depress anyone! And when that occur banks that a lot of precious time to lend some money, and they want all the collaterals and warranties, but the main problem with banks is for sure the amount of time that they take to analyse and to give credit to someone, even if there is a small personal loan!

But now with AFS, it is fast and easy to take a personal loan, an even a unsecured personal loan, they do not charge any upfront fees, they do not ask for collaterals, if you have a stated income you don’t need documents to apply, their application only take five minutes to fill up, and more important there are private, confidential and secure!

If you need a personal loan, or a unsecured personal loan, visit AFS site and take a tour!

sábado, agosto 23, 2008

Mais uma foto do passeio a Óbidos desta semana, em que entrámos Com Calma... em várias Igrejas!
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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

I have seen a page on the internet, a weblog or a blog that it is very interesting, it is Busby SEO Challenge, a Australian page that can help bloggers or webmasters how to improve positions on the Google ranks.

They will help also people who wants, to list their websites on the search engines !

And what is SEO can you ask me? Well SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, the best techniques to improve ranks, to be listed and in some cases the most part of people want a better place on the ranks in order to start making money through their personal sites!

The best way to have your site listed is to follow some guidelines that you will find Busby SEO Challenge, like:

Create a useful, information-rich site;

Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. don’t just create junk so the bots have something to read;

Don’t load pages with irrelevant keywords;

Don’t create doorway pages;

Don’t participate in link schemes don’t buy links or join link networks or link to them

These are some of the tips, or guidelines from them, but you need to visit the site and see for yourself!

Small Business loans

Surfing the net in search for financial solutions, loans and lines of credit I have stopped at one page of a company specialized in Small business loans.

The faster way of getting credit or a small business loan is to visit and fill up the application forms and to observe some criteria like, no bankruptcies, foreclosures or repossessions at the last 10 years, no currently past-due accounts, no late payments on the last 2 years and a personal Experian credit score of at least 680.

If your company observe these criteria than it is easy to get a small business loan or line of credit! The fastest way to small business financing!

quinta-feira, agosto 21, 2008


Numa visita a Óbidos durante esta semana aproveitei para visitar alguns dos templos que esta pequena localidade medieval tem no interior das suas muralhas.

Um desses templos é a Igreja matriz de Óbidos ou Igreja de Santa Maria e que tem um interior dos mais curiosos e interessantes em termos de decoração como é o revestimento a azulejos e algumas telas da pintora Josefa de Óbidos.

A mim, nesta visita, o que mais me fascinou foi este pequeno altar lateral com uma figura da Pietá esculpida em mármore q eu achei realmente muito bonita e uma verdadeira descoberta.

Mas como sabem Óbidos vale sempre mais uma visita, pois há sempre alguma pormenor que fica escondido à espera dessa visita e de mais uma descoberta.

Uma visita a esta pequena vila medieval deve ser feita Com Calma.... de preferência num dia de semana em que existem menos turistas pelas ruas pelo que se pode mais facilmente tirar umas fotos e disfrutar verdadeiramente da ...Alma deste lugar!
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Find a roommate

The summer is almost at the end, and it is time for students thinking about living to the college and most part of them will go for far away from home.

To go away from home implies that these students need to find a place to stay during the scholar year and for that there is a web site that can help the students to find this place to stay.

At the students can find room mates, apartment shares, new apartments, rentals and sublets in a United States, Canada or United Kingdom near to the most important universities and colleges.

So new students searching for a place to stay, visit!

quarta-feira, agosto 20, 2008

Special toys to Kids

Today at the office I was with a colleague that have a small kid, about four years old, and he is very smart. And smart kids don’t want the trivial toys and games they want toys that can make them think wile playing.

Dolls and toy cars are great toys but for normal and ordinary kids, for special and intelligent kids you need to give them special toys too!

But the most part of toy stores have only the normal boy and girl toys that I have told you and sometimes you cannot find that special toy to the special kid.

At Atomic Elephant science and toy Co. you can find those special toys and the best selling toys like the Alive: The living Breathing Human body, or EIN – O Discovery tank Nature science, but also you can find a Geo Safari Talking globe among a ling list of other special toys.

Browse this list of best selling toys and you will see Aeronautics toys, Engineering science kits for small scientists because you can shop by category, by age, by price or by brand, you will choose the best way to buy the special toy.

I now know what to buy to me friends kids, so they can play and learn at the same time!

Business loans

I have a small company, and as all the small companies we are always in need for money, there are clients that pay at a long term, and some times this cause a lot of difficulties on the day to day management.

And ask for a loan to a bank it is even more difficult than to receive from the clients and these small companies are lots of times in big trouble, financial speaking of course!

But now there are some online companies specialized in unsecured business loan to small companies from $10K to $250K (ten thousands dollars to two hundred and fifty thousands dollars)!

These unsecured business loans can be used to business expansion, business acquisitions, the company that provide the business loans is Accommodotive Financial Solutions and it is very easy to access and to apply for a business loan.

You just need to fill up an online form and then you will be contacted by a consultant to answer for some questions about the business.

And the most interesting is that they do not have upfront fees, they assure a 100% approval, and it is private, confidential and secure, what do you need more.

If you are looking for a business loan visit AFS site and then you will now what we are talking about!

segunda-feira, agosto 18, 2008

Top Casino

For those who like to play online casino games, there is another site with reviews about online casinos, It is the Top casino Offers, they are on the Net since 2001, so they have a valuable experience in reviewing online casinos.

Top casino has a complete guide to online gamblers which help them to choose the best places to play online.

And for people who wants to be informed all the time about casinos, casino games, online casinos and everything about gambling, at this site they can find Casino forums and the latest news about casinos

But Top casino offers, is not only for experienced gamblers, the gamblers who don’t have a lot of experience can also learn the best games strategies to earn money, and go to the online casinos with the better welcome bonuses, or to non deposit casinos.

Gambling online it is much more easier when people know the place where they are playing, and knowing also the best strategies to play and win!

There are other gamblers than just like to play on sites where the jackpots are really good, and that with one single play they can win a lot of money, well, at this site you can find in one page the best jackpots and the top casino jackpots, the places wher you can earn real money in a second, if you are lucky enough!

So if you are an experienced gambler, of just starting to play online, visit this site and check it out, you can be the lucky one and win!

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Performers and entertainers

For people who needs live entertainment like a company that wants to give to the employees or to the clients a show there is sometimes hard to find the right entertainer or the right performance.

But now there is a new site that puts together the best of these two demands, in one side the entertainer and on the other side the people who wants to have a show, at the company, at some festivity or even at your home.

It is a very useful site full of videos from great performers and entertainers all together making the task of choosing much more easy for everybody!

If you need a performer for a corporate event, a wedding or other kind of events, just visit and you can browse the videos and choose the right performer to your event!

Just look these great videos and check for yourself!

Casino Guide

I was searching for Casino games on the internet and I arrived to a Great site with a lot of information about games and online casinos.

This casino guide has a great variety of casinos to choose, and also a wide number of online games, from free games to online poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette, all the casino games that you will like to play, they have a link on their site.

You also can access this great site on different languages, obvious in English, but also in Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Turkish, so, if you don’t have any excuse to not see the best online casino games on the web!

And you can play for money and try to earn some cash, or you don’t feel confident enough you can play for free one or more of the free casino games that they list.

But playing it is not the only things that they have on this great site, you can find also books that will teach you all the game strategies, software casino, news and a blog about casinos and casino games.

So if you need information about casinos don’t wait visit the gamin guide and check everything about this casinos online!

segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2008

Cogumelos na Floresta.....

Uma das coisas que gosto de fazer é passear pelo meio da floresta em alturas do ano em que existe humidade suficiente para o desenvolvimento de cogumelos, e procurar no meio das ervas ou dos musgos, por aqueles que tem uma forma ou cor diferentes.

Não serão comestíveis, como os Portobello, os Pleurotos, os Boletos ou os mais vulgares Champignons, mas são certamente uma delícia para a vista.

Por isso quando passearem Com Calma...., no meio de um pinhal, ou de uma mata olhem bem para os troncos das árvores ou par ao chão que vão pisando, pode ser que encontrem alguns destes exemplares!
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Finance Portal

There are many questions on finances that need answers, like: How can I have a mortgage? What is the best unsecured personal loan? Where do I find all the information that I need to improve my finances?

I have found a finance portal! In one page they have several financial services to the people that need a credit, or advices on mortgages or banking and as important as that they have a lot of information on loans, insurance, mortgages and much more

At this web page you have all the financial information that you really need to improve your home economics, usually, you had to surf from site to site to find information on a loan, mortgage, insurance and other financial services, but now you have just one page, a finance portal to visit and collect all the relevant information on Finances!

Visit this finance portal and see all the information that they have to you!

Halloween costumes

We are now at the middle of August and the time will pass very quickly, in a blink of an eye we are at Halloween! And it is time to start looking for Halloween costumes!

For those that don’t know what Halloween is, I will explain!

Halloween is a holyday on the 31 October, where children go from house to house asking for candies on the traditional trick or treat visit, if someone doesn’t have a treat the little “monsters” will perform some kind of trick on their house.

But not only children get fun, on Halloween holyday! Adults have fun too, in different kind of parties, like costume parties where everyone play a role.

These costume parties can have a special theme or not, with everybody with different kind of costumes from monsters to super heroes, ghosts or skeleton costumes, pirates and gorillas, every kind of costume is allowed at Halloween parties. And of course in some adult Halloween parties there are guests using other sexy Halloween costumes, and most of the times they are the centre of the party.

But I am forgetting to tell you how Halloween appears on the traditional festivities! Halloween as its origin at a Celtic festival, at the end of the harvest season where people use to dance with masks and there was like a mixture between what was dead and what was alive!

At nowadays Halloween it is a festivity performed at 31 October, the All Saints Day, and become before the day where people visit and remember their dead family!

There are some important symbols of Halloween today, like the carved pumpkin with a candle inside, and their horror look and that is called Jack-o’-lantern and it is a symbolic skull that once was used in the Celtic festivities.

Today Halloween is spreading all over the world from United States to Canada, from Mexico to Europe!

So start looking for Halloween costumes, but don’t forget to read the Halloween costume safety and be sure that everything is OK!

I have found a great Halloween costume store online, the Costume Cauldron with some great Halloween costumes for every occasion, teenagers or adult, trick or treat, or adult parties.

The kids costumes are simply great, you can have your Kids with a Dracula look, followed by a paramedic or a fireman to help Dracula victims! Or your daughter dressed like a little princess with a bad witch around here, and take these to little kids visiting all their friends home!

At the adult section you will find Pirates, Romans and Cleopatra, Snow white and an handsome prince, just choose, and if you have a more private party you also find some very sexy costumes!

Life lock Promotional Code

I told you earlier that I have found Life lock, but I forget to tell you one of the most important things about Life lock, that is that they have a special promotional code to dose of us who want to become clients online!

Yes, and this Life Lock promotional code the RD32 will provide you with the deepest discount available for online customers.

These discounts are great, for an annual adult contract you can save $21 USD (twenty one American dollars), you only pay $99 USD (ninety nine American dollars) per year, and if you want to extend the contract to your kids, you will have as $7.50 discount on the annual contract, only pay $22.50 USD for child. This is great news to someone who is concerned with Identity theft, and wants to be fully protected against any kind of fraud related with the stolen of Identity!

But if you don’t want an annual contract you can choose a monthly contract, on a monthly plan the discount is $1 USD (one dollar) a month, $12 dollars a year if you want to renew the plan each month.

Annual or monthly plans give you the first 30 days free, so the discount is bigger than you think!

So go to and use the Lifelock promo code that you find here and become protected for the future!

Life lock reviews

Every day I am more concerned with identity theft and the problems that can appear connected with this problem, for that I searched Internet and Visited web site and read the Life lock reviews from happy costumers to know why they are so satisfied with this company.

Well, first of all, Life lock is the number one (Yes the number One) company in Identity theft protection in United States, they protect more than 700 000 (seven hundred thousands) clients all over the country.

And the most important, is that they guarantee an $1.000.000 (one million dollars) of protection, that means that if someone that is protected by Life lock and suffers an attack to their Identity with all the damages in credit or check balances or any other kind of problems, they guarantee all the expenses until that amount!

Now it is very important to be protected, with all the credit cards that we have, the crisis in credit, with all the loan and mortgages that everyone has, we need to be very well protected, and nothing more to be protected than have a monthly contract with Life Lock.

Visit Life Lock site read all the life lock reviews and check for yourself what they can do for you!

sexta-feira, agosto 08, 2008

Hoje trago-vos uma série de stencils que fotografei no Chiado, há quem chame grafitis, mas acho que o nome destes trabalhos é mesmo stencil. Pessoalmente, eu gosto deste tipo de arte, pois é disso que se trata, Arte Urbana, em que um artista, ou vários deixa a sua marca em prédios degradados pela cidade fora. O que me deixa um pouco irritado é mais aquilo que se vê hoje em dia no Bairro Alto, em Lisboa, en que praticamente não há um centímetro de parede sem tags, uns rabiscos que se podem chamar de assinatura, quase um aviso do tipo daqueles que se vêem em espectáculos televisivos em que alguém empunha um cartaz a dizer "Mãe estou aqui!" Mas nas ruas das nossas cidades encontram-se verdadeiras obras de arte sob a forma de stencils ou grafitis, para serem apreciados Com Calma....

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quarta-feira, agosto 06, 2008

Fontes e Fontanários

Num dos passeios que fiz por Castelo de Vide, reparei num pormenor muito interessante nesta povoação do Alto Alentejo e que é composto pelas suas fontes e fontanários de uma grande beleza e com um trabalho em mármore muito cuidadoso.

Este primeiro, em mármore e com um anjo em cima, fica perto de um restaurante onde comi um ensopado de borrego que me fez reconciliar com os cozinhados deste animal, simplesmente delicioso, podendo mesmo considerá-lo divinal, não me recordo do nome do restaurante, mas é pequeno com poucos lugares, mas com uma cozinha "enorme".
Este fontanário de quatro bicas também em Castelo de Vide, fica mesmo na praça central, onde está a Igreja matriz, não é tão belo como o primeiro ou como o próximo, mas tem a o pormenor de o ter a encimar um jarrão.

Este é então o mais emblemático fontanário de Castelo de Vide com todo o seu trabalho no mármore, e onde muitos locais e forasteiros vão buscar água, é vê-los a encher garrafões e garrafões de água de Castelo de Vide para levar.

Por isso meus amigos, façam um passeio a Castelo de Vide, ou a qualquer outra povoação alentejana e reparem nos vários pormenores da arquitectura, e não se esqueçam, esse passeio façam-no ...Com Calma.... para poderem apreciar convenientemente .....a Alma dos sítios.
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Nouveau riche - New rich

Looking into History we have lots of examples of people that get rich from night to day!

There are people who have get rich just for selling an idea to a great multinational company, or by buying some stock at the right moment.

To people that from one day to another make a lot of money and become very rich, usually we call Nouveau riche, or new rich, as you know Nouveau riche is an French expression, that we use to point the people that have make fast money, and in most of the cases they have not a great deal of education.

It is like talking of the old money and the new money, the old money is composed by the traditional families that are rich from generations, and with a higher level of education and culture, the new money, instead is composed by families that made fast money with some deal, or stocks and normally came from a low socio economic rank from the society.

At Wikipedia you can find a very good definition of Nouveau Riche (New rich) and at CNN you will find an interesting list of billionaires starting with the Sultan of Brunei, the richest man on Hearth, but of course this man is not a Nouveau Riche!

See Life Lock Reviews

Here I am again, talking about Life Lock, they are really a great company in Identity Theft protection.

Did you knew that only 11 (eleven) identity theft conspirators have steal more than 94 million of personal records and had performed more than $40 million dollars crimes, yes you read it right more than forty million dollars had been stolen by eleven identity theft robbers.

These records where stolen on the internet, the personal data of credit and debit cards where sold and imprinted in blank cards used to withdraw cash from ATM machines all over the world.

So you see the damage that a few criminals have done to the major credit and debit card companies and costumers.

The major problem is caused to costumers that loose their money, and you know that it is so simple to prevent these problems of Identity theft!

Just sign with Life lock for a monthly contract and they will protect you!

First see the Life Lock reviews, made by happy costumers that feel protected by them, and read their posts and then you can take your conclusions and if you feel it is very easy to make a monthly contract with Life Lock,, just go to and you will have all the information!

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery

At the present both men and women are taking a lot of care with their appearance and their image.

Image as become one of the more important things, not only for personal benefit but most for professional issues too. A good image can provide a better job comparing with other person.

Not everyone has the image that wants and for that exists the chance of making a plastic surgery to change or to improve the details on your body that need improvement.

For an overweight person, it is, most of the times difficult to get a job, and this person can have other related problems too, like heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and some times feet problems too, due to the weight that they carry on them. A Liposuction cam help this people gaining a nicer figure, and loose some pounds of this weight, this surgery can improve the self respect and lead to a better life, heating less and losing all the extra pounds.

Other problem that women have with their appearance, it is a connected with their tummy tuck, they want to go to the beach and they don’t have a nice tummy tuck, But now they can go to Rodeo Drive Tummy tuck and have a surgery to change that and have e nicer tummy, they have innovative tummy tuck surgery, just check out the photos on Rodeo Drive web page.

One of the most successful surgeries is the breast augmentation, and every day the number of women that perform this surgery grows, there is a great deal of reasons to perform this type of surgery, self respect, image, low confidence or just to be pretty to the boyfriend or husband.

Whatever the reason is, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery can help a woman to feel good with herself and her body!

Boat donation

Now that the Summer is a the top, there is people that likes to sail or to go out on a boat. And there are others than are changing boats now, looking for a new yacht for sailing.

Is to that people that is now thinking to change boats, and buy a new one that this post is directed!

There is a Charity called Angel Ministries that transform a boat or car donation to help orphans feeding them, and creating children animations with anti drugs documentaries to prevent them to start using drugs and other addictive products.

And how this works? Angel Ministries is able to convert your boat or yacht donation to significant value for charities by selling your used boat at and if they do not sell it they will pay you for the storage of your boat.

By donating your boat or yacht you will receive a tax deduction and at the same time you are helping others to have a better life!

In the same way that they do that with your used boat or yacht, they will do it with your used car. The only thing that changes is the name of the site, it Is the web page to see and to fill out the form to sell you car. And the tax deduction still maintains, when donating your used car you will receive this tax deduction, and you will feel good in two ways, one by helping people and other by paying less IRS, it feels so good to pay less taxes!

Angel Ministries have some programs that are financed by your car donation of boat donation, lets see some of these programs, Child sponsorship Worlwide, Medical Care and training, Preschool Outreach are only some of the programs that your donations will help.

So donate your car, your boat or your used yacht and you know that you are helping children worldwide.

Medical Assistan Career

If you looking for starting a new career why not thinking in a medical assistant career? And what a medical assistant do, is your next question, and I will answer you shortly!

A Medical Assistant is someone that will perform administrative and clinical tasks in order to keep the offices of physicians and other health practitioners running on wheels.

And for being a Medical Assistant you will need some training, so you can perform all those tasks. If you already work or you are studying you can also have a home student program. You can work in something else, study at home and in a matter of weeks you can be a trained and certified Medical Assistant.

The program is very easy, you just follow these steps.

First you register online, St Augustine School of Medical Assistant will send you your student ID and password to your email.

With your ID you can access to online classes that you can complete at your own rhythm. After finishing the classes you will have an exam that once you will pass gives you your Medical Assistant certificate that you will receive by mail.

So simple as that!

sexta-feira, agosto 01, 2008

Meus amigos vou estar uns dias longe de vós.

Deixo este blog, muito bem entregue, ao Platero.

Desejo, como sempre, que sejam muito felizes.

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Life lock protection

I am on holydays in Portugal, and I have seen on the local news something very interesting.

A Portuguese man that is full of problems with the traffic department of Spain, yes you have read it right Spain, and not Portugal, as it would be normal!

According to the news, this man is the proud owner of no less than five vehicles in Spain, and he commits a lot of traffic violations, like speeding, no stop on stop signs and a lot of others.

But now are you asking if this is a news, well it is because the man does not have driver license and much important he does not have any car or other vehicle and he don’t know how to drive!

He is a typical example of Identity theft, someone had access to this man personal data, and bought five vehicles in Spain and with them he commits all kinds of traffic violations, and worst, he can also commit crimes with these vehicles that all the driving tickets, fines and police search will be done or sent to this man house!

If this was in United States I only could say that this kind of things could not happen to someone that was protected by Life lock.

The identity theft issue is important all over the world see the Lifelock reviews and check for yourself!

Lifelock can protect you!

Payday loan

July just ended, and August is starting, with all the expenses that you have to make with the house expenses, food on the top!

Usually August is the month to go out on Holidays to rest a little, but at this time of financial crisis for some people it is difficult to have an extra cash to leave and rest.

Well for this extra you can apply for a loan, or a credit, but if you go to a bank the loan take some time to get and the Holiday time will pass, but for that you can apply for a short term loan with an online company. That’s what they call a payday loan, which is noting more than a credit up to $1.500 (one thousand and five hundred dollars) that you can use for all the extra expenses that you have on this month, including that dream Holidays that you want.

It is very easy to get, it you are an US citizen with more than 18 years old, your are employed or have a fixed income and you have a bank account you can apply for this cash loan.

And it is very fast, you can apply online and have a fast loan approval very shortly after the submission. will protect you

Today I was at my bank, and I was listening for someone conversation about a problem occurred with his bank account.

This person was telling to the bank manager that a strange thing happened with him, he always was a very good client with all the mortgage payments done on time and without credit problems.

But he needed a personal loan that the bank refused because there was a problem in another bank account that this men had in another financial institution. This men was astonished because the only bank account that he had was in one bank only.

Than the manager told him that probably he was a victim of identity theft! Someone has stolen their personal data, opened a bank account and started to buy things without having any money on the account, and the check started to bounce, and he was in trouble now!

If this man was protected by Life lock, nothing of this would happen, they regularly check for new credit card request, of for new loans forms with the major credit cards companies, banks and financial institutions in the name of the client.

And if there is some problem Life lock will guarantee all the expenses until $1.000.000 (one million dollars)

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Payday cash advance

The use of a payday loan can be very easy , is so easy as a faxless payday loan, and this work.

Faxless Payday loan, is a short term loan, that you can use to cover all the expenses that you need, and you know why it is so easy to get? Because this faxless payday loan it is secure with your future paycheck.

If you have a job of a fix income, and are in a sticky situation where you need for fast and secure cash to face unexpected expenses, or to buy some extra appliance to your house, or to an unexpected auto repair, you can apply for a payday loan.

People who can apply for a payday loan must followed some requirements has the following:

Maintain a job or have an income from welfare or social security, at least earning $1.000 (one thousand dollars) a month or receive at least $800 (eight hundred dollars) from a governmental program, like social security welfare.Of course you need to be at least 18 years of age and be citizen of the United States.
And you also need to have an active savings or checking account with direct deposit.

As you can see it is very easy to apply to a payday cash advance!