terça-feira, setembro 30, 2008

Não: devagar.
Devagar, porque não sei
Onde quero ir.
Há entre mim e os meus passos
Uma divergência instintiva.
Há entre quem sou e estou
Uma diferença de verbo
Que corresponde à realidade.

Sim, devagar...
Quero pensar no que quer dizer
Este devagar...
Talvez o mundo exterior tenha pressa demais.
Talvez a alma vulgar queira chegar mais cedo.
Talvez a impressão dos momentos seja muito próxima...

Talvez isso tudo...
Mas o que me preocupa é esta palavra devagar...
O que é que tem que ser devagar?
Se calhar é o universo...
A verdade manda Deus que se diga.
Mas ouviu alguém isso a Deus?

Fernando Pessoa/Álvaro de Campos - Ficções de Interlúdio (500)

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Hosted.org, your free file hosting service

I usually have a lot of files to post on my blogs, and it is difficult to find a hosting service providing a great space for my files and at the same moment that is very cheap.

Well it was, now I have founded a great place that provide to everybody free file hosting and it is very easy to use, just go to hosted.org, upload your file and you will receive a download link that you can share with your friends or everyone that you want!

Hosted.org, is the service you need, fast and easy to use!

sexta-feira, setembro 26, 2008

Eu podia falar-vos do Outono, da limpidez dos seus dias, das grandes tardes nostálgicas junto das árvores que se desfolham ao sabor do vento.

Mas não...

Prefiro deixar-vos a simplicidade destas flores de beira de caminho. Não têm mãos que as cuidem, nem jarras de porcelana, nem penumbras de salas perfumadas. Existem assim, belas, para os nossos olhos de caminhante.

Bom fim de semana.

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Stop Smoking

Dear friends, I have stop smoking a few years ago after a great number of failed attempts without any help. Now for the people who wants to stop smoking, live the cigarettes, the cigars, the smoke and every situations connected to the smoking habits!

Today there are laws in almost every United States, state and in European countries, against smoking in public places, companies, hospitals, health care centers, and in some times also in private condominiums.

That is one of the most important reasons that lead people to stop smoking!

And we are listening that tobacco can that to very serious health diseases like lung cancer, mouse diseases or emphysema, All very serious diseases that can take to death or painful situations for years.

So, now there are many ways to try to stop smoking, some are very good and with great results and other with less effectiveness. From nicotine gums, to nicotine patches, pills, traditional therapies like acupuncture or others.

Every day the market is flooded with new products who claim to help people stop smoking, with great results, but a part of them where not tested to is effectiveness of results.

At Trustsource.net people who want to stop smoking can find a list of products that have been evaluated and compared before they are putting on list for the consumers.

At Trustsource.net they have a satisfaction guaranteed policy which is a warranty for the consumers that the products listed are really good.

But they have other types of products like Provillus, a new product that helps the nutrition of your hair by creating the right environment to the growth of new and healthy hairs.

The list is composed by the products to prevent hair loss to help the nutrition and development and growth of new hair keeping your remaining hair healthy and in a good shape.

If are feel that your hair is getting weaker from one day to another, read the provillus reviews in order to see what other consumers tell us about this product.

Being one of the consumers you can also rank the product to help other people how to choose, and reviews by consumers are the best advertising to a product, and this type of advertising as you know can be good, if you are satisfied of bad if yous satisfaction was not achieved!

So at Trustsource.net, you cam find a lot of products that can help improving your health by helping you stop smoking or if you have hair problems helping the nutrition and the growth of new hair!

quarta-feira, setembro 24, 2008

Cada cabeça ... seu chapéu.

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Unsecured start up loans

The financial crisis keep going on the news again! Families are facing the biggest financial fight since 1929, with the big Wall Street crash, when companies and families faced bankruptcy and millions of dollars and big fortunes where lost in few seconds.

Nowadays the bigger problem that families face, it is to know how they will get until the end of the month with enough cash available to all the expenses.

Now America One, offers more than the Unsecured personal loans or small business loans, they also have Unsecured start up loans, that can go up to $100.000 (one hundred thousands dollars).

A Unsecured start up loan, can be a one of the major credit decisions that someone make, so it is important to know the product features:

First they do not ask for collaterals, the cash can be used in whatever you want, there is a minimal documentation needed and most of the business types is accepted, so if you have a good business and investment plan, it is very possible that you will get it!

America One suggest that the loan be used as cash flow for the new business or to buy new equipment, or even to start spreading the news about your new business, as you know marketing and advertising is very important to start gaining clients!

America One, can help you with different types of loans! Unsecured Loans!


I am looking for the best sites that sell computers and hardware material on the net!

I was searching and browsing and I stop at one great site specialised in selling superwarehouse at Dailymotion.com.

Every day they put a video with the hardware that they sell, like new macintosh computers.

Today there is a big “fight” between the powerbook admirers and the pc fans, what is the best computer to work and to play at home or the best graphics design computer.

It’s the mac vs pc fight!

But at Superwarehouse.tv you can find also some very good videos like this one that sell a HP Laser Jet P3005N All in One Printer, it is a very good video, great online advertising.

At Superwarehouse it is possible to find much more as they have more than 50.000 products to sell from Apple, HP, Cisco, IBM, Sony, Canon, Epson, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Xerox and much more.

And yes you have seen right, more than 50.000 (fifty thousands) products, computers, printers, at the lowest prices that you can find, and in United States they offer free shipping in orders over $299 (two hundred and ninety nine dollars).

See the video and check the review that they make for the HP printer!

Buy a HP Laser Jet P3005N All in One Printer

Medical Assistan Schools

The medical assistant career, is one of the United States careers that are expanded all over the country, there are more jobs waiting than candidates applying!

So it is time for you start to think in changing careers, or start a brand new career entering on a Medical assistant school.

There is an online Medical Assistant School, St Augustine School of medical assistants than have online programs for people who cannot attend classes, teaching online, this School can provide for the students a way to improve their education without leaving home and in after hours schedules.

St Augustine will help you change your career to a better paid job of Medical assistant, finishing the classes there will be a lot of potential places to work, hospitals, health centers, private practice offices, and a lot of health care facilities.

And the most important, you can earn your certificate in six to eight weeks, it is easy to be a medical assistant, just sign up at St Augustine Medical Assistant School, enrol online, attend online classes and take also the online exam at the end of the program, and become a new medical Assistant.

terça-feira, setembro 23, 2008

Falo da natureza.
E nas minhas palavras vou sentindo
A dureza das pedras,
A frescura das fontes,
O perfume das flores.
Digo, e tenho na voz
O mistério das coisas nomeadas.
Nem preciso de as ver.
Tanto as olhei,
E referi,outrora,
Que nos próprios sinais com que as marquei
As reconheço, agora.

Miguel Torga - A palavra

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Medical assistant

Changing careers! It is not easy today to change a career specially to some one that doesn’t have the right qualifications. But now with all the changes that are happening at the business world, it is time to start thinking on getting those qualifications needed.

How about a medical assistant career, a successful career helping doctor to manage their office!

But there also other great careers on the medical business like ultrasound technician the one that uses that sophisticated machines to carry out ultrasounds tests and exams. For being an ultrasound technician and know how to operate the machines you can frequent an ultrasound schools, who will give you the complete formation on ultrasound techniques.

Of course there are a lot of other courses that you can take at career-education.net, but for now let’s look more closely to the medical assistant training career.

Medical assistant is one of the occupations in United States that is growing fast today, and it is expected to continue to grow at least until 2014, that means that the market needs a lot of these high skilled professionals.

Hospitals, clinics, medical group practices and a lot of healthcare facilities need a lot of technicians and medical assistants, and they are now so many on the market.

With a degree taken at this medical assistance school, you can almost guarantee that in after getting your diploma you will have a sure job on one of the medical facilities of the country.

At the medical campus you will find a great deal of other graduations like x-ray technician, EMT, pharmacy, dental assistant, LPN, ultrasound among other more.

To know what are the best medical online schools check this page and you can start finding a school near you, you will find more than one school in every state of the country.

Car donation

Today I am writing about a charity organization that need your help to provide goods, education and all that children need to survive.

They don’t ask for money, but of course cash is also welcome in the struggle against poverty and all that those children needs. They ask for your used car, a donation of your used car can help as if it was money.

When you want to change car please think in what your used car can do to help to provide children needs, and you don’t know the best, its tax deductable, they will give you an instant receipt to discount on your IRS when you donate your car.

You then ask. How can I donate my car to this organization? It’s easy, just contact them through the site carangel.org and then you will find a free telephone number where you can talk with a live operator to ask for all the information that you need.

Remember, you car donation can help to sponsor children all over the world, providing food and education, can also help to reform juvenile and adult prisons, will help medical training all over the world, anti-drug projects, help on adolescent pregnancy, full university scholarships, disaster relief and much more!

Car Angel is a program from Angel Ministries, an organization located in Arizona but working nationwide that started to receive used vehicles in 2001 as one of the means to collect help to provide the needs for charity all over the world.

They collect your used vehicle and they will check it up and if it possible to make him as good as new, they will sell it and the profit will be used on charity, if your car doesn’t fit the rules for selling, will be dismantled and can be sold as parts or to recycling!

As you can see, donate your car, and charity will profit from that, and you also receiving a receipt for your tax deduction!

Business loans to small companies

Today I have read on a newspaper that in Europe the taxes are getting high for small companies at the time of getting a loan! The money is becoming very expensive, and for the small companies it is the worst nightmare when they start to need cash to work, to a new investment or to an emergency.

But it is not only that, the banks are cutting loans to small companies, and having a business loan it is becoming very difficult and expensive. And if you don’t have enough warranties, the well known collaterals then you can forget, you will not have a loan for sure!

Perhaps your only way out is to apply with one of the leaders on unsecured small business loans, americaOneunsecured.com, if you need from $10.000 (ten thousands dollars) to $100.000 (one hundred thousands dollars) you can fill an application with them and have a fast answer.

It is easy, the cash will be available for any purpose and they have competitive rates, and the most important it is available in all the 50 States.

If you need a personal loan, you also can apply with them from $1.500 (one thousand and five hundred dollars) to $50.000 (fifty thousand dollars) you can go there and aska the cash that you need!

sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2008

"Dito isso, Fernão fixou no pensamento a imagem dos grandes bandos de gaivotas das costas doutros tempos e, com a facilidade do treino, soube que não era ossos e penas mas sim uma ideia perfeita de liberdade e voo e que nada conseguia limitar."

Richard Bach - A História de Fernão Capelo Gaivota (extracto)

Um livro maravilhoso que reli estas férias e me deu o mesmo prazer.

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Loan, where to get it?

Advising the people who visit me to get the best loan is one of my tasks today!

I know that the financial crisis can be very demanding to the American families and also to small businesses. The prices of food and oil increase every day and the consumer wallet is getting empty faster than a few months ago. Now at the end of the month the families have almost no cash left, and the small companies too! How can a familiy get a personal loan now?

If you have a big company, with huge income all the banks will go after you to have as a client, and almost give all the money that you need, but a small company has a very hard life to get a small business loan from a bank.

The banks are now narrowing the credit, and just give a loan with strong and valuable collaterals.

Now, almost a family house does not suit as collateral to guarantee a loan form a bank, so a family has to go a company that can provide a fast loan to take face to an emergency, or to another family need.

AmericaOneUsecured.com is one of the leaders in Unsecured loans, to companies, small businesses and also to families that need a fast loan to fight against adversity!

Computer memory

Today, the computers have a very fast development, almost every month or every week there is a new computer getting out of the hardware houses.

One buy a computer that is it the most modern and complete with the more advanced features and the next month the same brand release another one with, more memory and new and fast hard disk, great processer speed and you start looking to your computer and think, what can I do to keep up with this speed of development?

One of the most important parts of the computer, not talking of the brain, that it is the processer, that part who takes the heat of calculations and all the invisible tasks of the computer, but keep on going, the most important is to have a good memory at your computer.

You always need some extra RAM, for that graphic design or for the latest game that you have seen at the window shop, or in the internet!

And it is so easy to Buy computer memory, online it is the easiest way, at memorydeal.net, a computer owner can almost duplicate the computer memory to the double for less than $100 USD (one hundred dollars).

Of course you have to know the right type of memory to you computer, or the right kind of module to all the computers that you want to upgrade, and the risk can be huge, if your are talking about an IT department will hundreds of computers to upgrade. Imagine if you buy the wrong type of memory, can have huge losses.

And you know that an Apple Memory it is not the same as a personal computer the Mac Ram it is different.

At memory deal, the owner assures that every module of memory will fit the right computer because they offer to the costumers the genuine factory original memory modules suitable for each upgrade!

Energized Events

I work in a company that sometimes need to organize events with the clients and friends.

For that purpose I am always looking for the best event companies on the market, companies who can put together all kind of events, for adults or children, clients or employees of my company.

Some times I need corporate events and for that I need to chose a company who is the best in corporate events planning, other times I want a different type of event, with games on the country, like a company picnic games.

But with some of my clients I just need inflatables, big and colourful to cherry up a party.

And one of the things that I value the most is to find all theses services in one company only, if I can choose a company that can provide all of this and much more, I am a happy costumer and for sure I will not change.

They have a huge diversity of games and event plans, tree houses, dragon’s castle, extreme sports, rock wall, carnival games, and much more.

This event company will set up all the event from deliver till the end of the party, working with them assure that you will have a successful event without work.

But there is more, if you want water events, they also have super splash, dunk tank and other water features that you and your guest will love.

So, if you need to plan an event or only a party rental, contact Energized events, they will have the right event to your audience, kids, teenagers or adults. I know that when I will have my next party, for sure that I will contact them, they will do all the work for us, Christmas parties, anniversaries, company events, school events, extreme sports, getting out of the company events, they can provide all of that.

quarta-feira, setembro 17, 2008

Bonecas em Óbidos

Quem vem contar-me uma história
Dos meus tempos de menina?

Quando eu era pequenina,
A minha ama contava
Aquela história em que entrava
Uma menina e um papão.
Eu, ao ouvi-la, chorava.

A fábula é outra agora:
A menina já não chora
No meio da escuridão.
Quem tem medo é o papão.

Natália Correia - Rio de Nuvens - XVI

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Debt Consolidation

What about the financial crisis that is hitting the market and taking families to very troubled situations!

Families now have more than one credit card, imagine an average family mother, father and one or two kids! At this average family the father will have at least 3 credit cards, one from the family bank account, other for a second personal account and a third one from a department store, the mother also will have two or three credit cards, that she uses often to pay for the daily shops.

But this is not the only credit that this family has, probably they will have also one or two personal credits, that they have done for that dream vacation they had two years ago, and that they are still paying.

Then there is the family car, with instalments still waiting to be paid, has you see on these few sentences there are a lot of credits that this family has, and the income it is always the same.

The families are struggling with the huge number of credits that they have to pay and when they look at them at the end of the month, almost all the income goes to these credits.

This family needs urgently a debt consolidation, in order to have at the end of the month a part of the income available to as emergency.

Delray Credit Counseling Corp, is an organization that can help consumers with debt management providing the financial education needed to take families out of the economic and financial swamp that they have fall to.

They can help you with a debt consolidation loan that reunites all the family or consumer credits in one, much easy to pay and that will let the families to breath.

Go to Delray Credit website and get informed, they are a non-profit educational service, and for sure that you will be helped by them finding the right debt solution!

Personal Loan

As I told you yesterday, the economic crisis is here, and it seems to stay for a while! The problem is that makes life harder to great part of families with car credits or home mortgages.

The interest rates are coming up, and they struggle a part of the average families, the family budget is becoming more and more smaller and the expenses are much higher!

In some months it seems that there are more days at the end that money in the wallet.

And if an emergency arise what can one do?

Well the best thing to do now, it is for sure not going to a bank and ask for loans, now, with the interest rate going up, and the difficulty of decision or the time that the banks take to see your application, it is possible that your emergency will become a tragic situation.

Sometimes the emergency, is just for a few days until your next payment, and for a small amount of money, and that it is not attractive to the banks. To give you a loan the banks demand for warranties and collaterals and perhaps your not able to do so in the short time.

So, if you need cash, quick, you much apply for an unsecured personal loan, with AmericaOneunsecured.com, and if your need of money is not for some millions, but only for, lets say $1.500 USD than it is possible for you to have this amount in your bank account very fast!

Backgammon tournaments

Backgammon is a great multiplayer game, and there are tournaments all over the world were people can play with each other, but there are also online tournaments who can put together hundreds of players all over the world at the same room, the Internet.

Backgammon Master Online, succeed in putting together hundreds of backgammon with at least five players at each table, this was a major event for backgammon lovers.

According with the people who runs the site, this major event put a lot of pressure on the company servers, but at the end of the day everything when okay without problems.

And with this great success Backgammon Master Online, is starting to organize other great events like poker tournaments and online blackjack tournaments.

Their powerful games platform will handle in a short time until six different tournaments will put together players from all over the world from different countries.

Playing backgammon, blackjack and poker it is not only for professional players, now amateurs can also enter at these tournaments and try to win great prizes.

And you can play all these games without spending any money, you can play for free or if you want you can register and play for real money! Play online blackjack a card game that you will like.

Value of life lock

There is a while since I was talking to you about Identity theft, but with the latest news about economic crisis, problems with credit, mortgages and other financial problems, it is imperative to talk about this crime.

As you know, at crisis times there is a increase on crime and economic fraud, and one of the most common today is Identity theft, because it is relatively simple, the robber only need to have access to the personal data from the victim, online in bank or credit card sites, or offline, taking your wallet with documents, or even seeing your credit card number in a store or restaurant.

And once they are in possession of your data, the crime it is very easy to perform, a fake credit card, and they start to buy all kind of goods, they apply for a credit, collect the money and don’t start to pay, you know there is a lot of ways to steal money from you!

And there is where Lifelock can help you, do you know what is the value of Life lock, in your life?

It is easy, they can protect you against Identity theft and cover your losses until $1.000.000, yes you have seen right, one million dollars, but only if you are protected!

They can check the major credit card companies, bank, insurance for applications made on your behalf, and they can act against possible crimes!

See Lifelock reviews and be sure that they can protect you against one of the most important crimes today!

segunda-feira, setembro 15, 2008


Prefiro cinema.
Prefiro os gatos.
Prefiro os carvalhos nas margens do Warta.
Prefiro Dickens a Dostoievski.
Prefiro-me gostando dos homens
em vez de estar amando a humanidade.
Prefiro ter uma agulha preparada com a linha.
Prefiro a cor verde.
Prefiro não afirmar
que a razão é culpada de tudo.
Prefiro as excepções.
Prefiro sair mais cedo.
Prefiro conversar com os médicos sobre outra coisa.
Prefiro as velhas ilustrações listradas.
Prefiro o ridículo de escrever poemas
ao ridículo de não os escrever.
No amor prefiro os aniversários não redondos
para serem comemorados cada dia.
Prefiro os moralistas,
que não prometem nada.
Prefiro a bondade esperta à bondade ingénua demais.
Prefiro a terra à paisana.
Prefiro os países conquistados aos países conquistadores.
Prefiro ter objecções.
Prefiro o inferno do caos ao inferno da ordem.
Prefiro os contos de fada de Grimm às manchetes de jornais.
Prefiro os cães com o rabo não cortado.
Prefiro os olhos claros porque os tenho escuros.
Prefiro as gavetas.
Prefiro muitas coisas que aqui não disse,
a outras tantas não mencionadas aqui.
Prefiro zeros à solta
a tê-los numa fila junto ao algarismo.
Prefiro o tempo do insecto ao tempo das estrelas.
Prefiro isolar.
Prefiro não perguntar quanto tempo ainda e quando.
Prefiro levar em consideração até a possibilidade
do ser ter a sua razão.

Wislawa Szymborska(n.1923 -Polónia)

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(in Rosa do Mundo)

P.S. Prefiro cães e o verde não é a minha cor preferida.

Small business loans, Where to go?

Today a major insurance company was saved by the Federal Reserve, with the injection of more than 80.000 million dollars. That was a big loan, as we can say, Big company, Big Trouble, Big Loan.

The fact is that you can expect than large companies when have cash problems can be helped much easier than a small company. The impact of a crash of one of those companies it is huge also.

But when we talk about a small business with financial problems, who will help? Not the Federal Reserve, with the tax payers money, for that a small business owner must go to the banks, and everybody now that they are cutting credit!

Than, the best to apply to a small business loan is to go to a company like AmericaOneunsecured.com that can help you business to stand up and keep on playing!

You all now how difficult it is to get or to apply to a business loan in nowadays, the banks are afraid to give credit and don’t have the return!

And as manager of a small business, or a small company, you can also apply to a unsecured personal loan, to your day to day expenses, or to an emergency!

Poker strategy

Lately I have seen on TV some poker tournaments with big prizes and I started to ask myself, How can I be one of these players and try to earn some money, playing poker?

I do play poker, but I don’t know all the poker strategies used by the great players, the ones who earn big money, hundreds of thousands dollars every year!

Do you imagine, earning hundreds of thousands dollars just by playing poker, what a great life!

So I was searching on the net the best places to start studying poker, poker strategies and even where to play online poker so the learning could be more effective!

And I see on the net this great site, Pokerstrategy.com, a place where someone can start learning the secrets of the great poker players, from the bluff to the final stroke!

You can improve your skills by watching poker videos of professional players and seen how they play, you will have access to the best learning materials to improve your poker strategies. And for answering all your questions there is also a forum, where you can put all your doubts and questions!

To have access to all of this you just need to register at Pokerstrategy.com, and start to learn how to be a professional player, from online to the great poker rooms!

Unsecured loans

Now the economic crisis reached a new step! With the fall of one great investment bank in United States due to the losses of millions and millions of dollars this year.

The subprime crisis is taking the rest of the economic sectors down, with a lot of companies falling down.

With this problems, getting a loan to make face to an emergency with a bank, it is almost impossible, or for that they require collaterals and some other almost impossible conditions to get a loan.

The banks now only give loans when they see strong collaterals and the client give all the guarantees that the loan will be pay.

So, what can a small business owner doo, to have access to a loan, well they can go to AmericaOneUnsecured.com and apply for one

An unsecured small business loan, without collaterals, but supported by the company name it is possible!

And the same its available for families, to take face to an emergency, they can help too, from 1500 USD any family can apply to an Unsecured personal loan

AmericaOneunsecured.com, will see your application and then in a matter of days they will decide a positive or negative answer.

And if the answer will be negative, their consultants will help you too!

quinta-feira, setembro 11, 2008

O mais importante na vida
É ser-se criador - criar beleza.

Para isso,
É necessário pressenti-la
Aonde os nossos olhos não a virem.

Eu creio que sonhar o impossível
É como que ouvir a voz de alguma coisa
Que pede existência e que nos chama de longe.

Sim, o mais importante na vida
É ser-se criador,
E para o impossível
Só devemos caminhar de olhos fechados
Como a fé e como o amor.

António Botto- Curiosidades estéticas -I
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Unsecured personal loans

Keep on talking about personal finances and small business finances, I understand that economy is turning life very difficult to families and companies, clients don’t pay at the right time and at the end of the month there are a lot of bills to pay.

And when an emergency appear what can someone do? The banks do not lend cash without a warranty and a loan takes a great deal of time to be decided, and when that happens the best thong to do it is to apply to a Unsecured personal loan.

An Unsecured personal loan, it is a loan without the obligation of collateral warranties and can be used to an emergency but also to have great vacations or home improvement.

For small companies there are also the business loans, that gives to your company cash to whatever you need like a new investment or to pay unexpected taxes or even to repair some machinery at you plant.

Whatever you need the money, you just have to apply online at AmericaOneunsecured.com, and they will have a fast decision, yes or no and a matter of days!

So for Unsecured personal loans, business loans, or one of each, go to their site and look up!

10 facts about Zone Diet

Has you know I am trying to be on a diet, and that it is difficult with the good foods that I have seen lately.

Looking for diet tips I did see an article at this site, 10facts.com, very interesting, called 10 facts about a specific type of diet the Zone diet, and the facts are:

Zone diet is a diet 40:30:30, 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of proteins and 30% of fat

But this is only the first fact, there are nine more.

Dr.Sears, the inventor of Zone diet, also advocates that people should take a particular rate of Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids, one of the principal key features of Zone diet.

Other of the 10 facts about Zone diet, is:

There is no fixed period for Zone diet , as it is advised for life.

These are only 3 of the 10 facts about Zone Diet and Barry Sears the man who invented Zone diet.

You can read more about Zone Diet and find the full 10 facts here!

terça-feira, setembro 09, 2008

Ora então
bom dia minha gente

Aqui vai o meu bom dia enorme
polvilhado em toda a dimensão
da hora verdadeira em que nós somos gente
com toda a força de todos os caminhos
Bom dia por aí
cheio da beleza de tarefas de alegria
e senso positivo
rigorosamente positivo
tal como este instante de sol que nos abraça
neste bom dia apanágio
neste gesto sempre eterno
corre corre envolve tudo
no tudo deste bom dia

Bom dia irmã Salomé
pai João avó Rosária
sorrisos para vocês
Bom dia rios e pássaros
cidades e matagais
mussocos e estradas de mar
Bom dia rostos e rostos
palavras gestos e actos
minha sonata de vida
em cada gota de pão

Bom dia mãe Isabel
mãe do meu reino do mar
benção do meu procurar
dos meus sons e dos meus muros
Bom dia senhor doutor
Dona Chica carro grande
servente para o jardim
com uma flor diferente
para cada sol de manhã

Bom dia meninos de escola
bata branca suja d'óleo
pés descalços na lagoa
correndo minutos e horas
num Dinguir de aventuras
de cajús e tambarinos

Bom dia na palma da mão
na tela dos largos fantasmas
altas casas avessos cheios
fomes frios e sedes
gente toda minha gente
bom dia para vocês
em labaredas de rosas
campos e campos de asfalto
bandeiras astros e cantos
dedos frutos labirintos
medalhas e símbolos abertos
chuvas e feras e bruxos
logarítmos e átomos
sonos portas e estatutos
esquinas vontades e mitos
Oh terra da minha gente
ao suor desta manhã
aqui está o meu abraço
que eu grito no canto enorme
do calor do nosso sol
aberto de par em par
ao meu bom dia constante

Aqui estou eu homem todo
num gesto de amor total
em cada rosto que passa
cheio de pressa em chegar
sem geito de poder ir
Eu homem músculos barro
palavras e movimento
sangue nervos e vontade
no encontro comum dos sons
da manhã desta cidade
repetindo por aí fora
o meu bom dia de gente.

João Abel - Bom Dia

João Abel Martins das Neves, poeta angolano. Nasceu em Luanda em 1938.

É membro fundador da União dos Escritores Angolanos

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Line of credit

Line of credit, who did not heard about these words on the last few days?

Perhaps only the really wealthy, nowadays at the news we are always hearing about crisis, growth of interest rates, mortgages, bankruptcy of big credit companies!

And with all that, the problem is that to average people it becomes more difficult to access credit and some times it is needed!

Bank lines of credit are most of the times closed or not receiving applications or even, taking decisions at a very long term, and that for people who are in need for fast cash it is a disaster!

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Weight control

Now people are getting more worried about weight and appetite control, image is one of the main concerns nowadays.

And it is very complicated to maintain weight without diets and controlling what one heats.

To help on this difficult task of controlling the appetite there is an herbal aid, Phentermine, an appetite suppressant that helps reduce weight on obese people, of course when combined with exercise and other actions.

Weight disorders will be one of the major causes of disease in this century!

quinta-feira, setembro 04, 2008

Acabaram-se as férias.
Um Verão que não chegou, bem, a ser. Uns dias calmos com algumas peripécias protagonizadas pela Micas, a minha azougada cadelita.
Mas, sobretudo, e sempre o mar e a enorme placidez que sentimos ao contemplá-lo.
E, mais uma vez, o encontro com amigos muito queridos especialmente os que conheci através deste mesmo blog.
Para vós queridos Cristina e Jacques um abraço muito terno pela vossa amizade.
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Unsecured loans - personal or small business

The interest rates are increasing again and people who have a house to pay will get less Money at the end of the month.

Middle class families are now having some trouble to pay the bills at the end of the money, the mortgages, the credit card, personal loans. At the end of the month some times there is no money left.

And when that happens, at some times there are unexpected expenses with the car or a disease and there is no place to ask for more credit, specially to a bank that takes a lot of time to decide on a loan application.

The same occur with small companies that need small business loans to times of crisis, or to pay taxes the banks are not the best answer or the fast answer to their needs.

For a quick answer to an application to a personal loan or to a small business loan people need to visit americaOneunsecured.com a company specialized in unsecured loans.

Unsecured loans are the type of loans that don’t ask for any collateral assets, there is a minimal documentation asked and there are no annual fees.

So if you need a personal loan or a small business loan to your company visit americaOneunsecured.com and check it out, you want regret it!

segunda-feira, setembro 01, 2008

E aqui está um vinho que se deve beber..... Com Calma, um Colares Chitas de 1999 que é muito bom, e de certeza que se o beberem moderadamente poderão até sentir a .... Alma dos vinhedos de Colares!
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Be protected against Identity theft

Identity theft is one of the crimes with the biggest growth rate in the last years! Because it is an easy way to make money without big trouble, today people need to give personal data to almost everything, and these data are stored in computers every where.

Department stores, credit card companies, schools, you name it, all these institutions have our data stores, just to talk about the private ones, because there are state institutions with your data too, like the department that issues driver licenses, Social security and other.

So as you can see it is very easy to criminals to stole the personal data and start making frauds without even been seen!

And these crimes and frauds are very difficult to prevent by one alone, for that there is a company Lifelock.com, they are only the number one company in United States in identity theft protection. They protect the clients against identity theft, but if there is in some way a crime against your identity, they have a $1.000.000 (one million dollars) warranty in your name!

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Lifelock protection

A few days ago I have seen in the news that on ebay there was sold a personal computer with the personal and financial data from some millions of consumers, clients of a great company!

The first thing that come to my mind was, “this people is in a big trouble”, the data stored on this personal computer it is like gold for identity thief’s.

Imagine what these criminals could do with the credit card numbers, security numbers and the rest of the personal data from these clients! They almost could buy a voyage to the Moon and return! They will be the first space tourists to voyage with stolen data!

To prevent that you are not one the “lucky” ones that have pay for the trip to the Moon you will need to be protected against Identity Theft!

Lifelock it is a company specialized in Identity theft protection, they provide this kind of services to more than 700 000 satisfied costumers!

If you want more information on identity theft, you must see the lifelock reviews from consumers that are very well protected against this kind of crime!

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