sexta-feira, novembro 19, 2010

Business at New Zealand

In my opinion, internet is now the most powerful source of information in the all World.

From the most far and small country, to a giant like United States, Russia or China, there is no country in the world without connection to the internet, some fast, other slow, cable, DSL or satellite there is an access point everywhere.

Most of the today businesses begin with an internet search, so companies cannot afford to be “out” of the internet.

And “be on the internet” doesn’t mean only to have a site, a blog or something like that, to be really on the internet a company must be present too on a business directory.

At a business directory the companies are listed by its activity and can have a description of their products or services, a list of clients and everything that you want.

I have checked a business directory of New Zealand, and I was very satisfied with the simplicity and the speed of search.

Gopher, is the name of this business directory based on New Zealand, its easy to use, there is two main criteria of search, the business activity and the location. Of course that the purpose of location search, is to refine the and to show only the records that really matter.

If you want to make business at the Kiwi country, or if you need to find some companies Gopher is one way to make the search very easy.

But the there is not only, the search can also be made by word, and a list of all the companies related to that word will appear on the results list!

Gopher is for sure a easy way to search for business at New Zealand!

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