terça-feira, janeiro 18, 2011

Online games

Has you already know, if you have been following my latest posts, I am very fond of casino games. The first time I have played casino games was in Las Vegas at a well known casino with the name of a roman emperor. It was in 1987, and I started to play slot machines.
Since those years of the 80’s a lot of things have changed, the physical casinos co-exist with internet or online casinos.

Now for most people slot machines were replaced by internet slots and the games can be played at the comfort of home.

And that happened with the most part of the casino games, who wants to go out and play blackjack when one can just go to a site and make Blackjack download of the game?
The nights of poker with the buddies are also replaced by some Poker flash games at your computer and without marked cards!
It is very easy now to play casino games without leaving home at every time of the day or night, but the most important rule to be followed by people who want to play for money, is the next: Be responsible, and know when to stop, winning, or loosing!
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