quarta-feira, abril 07, 2010

Cultural and Sports events

One of the best things to do while travelling is to attend to some shows or sport events. Is one way of getting in the culture and the heart of the people living at that country.

But sometimes is difficult to find cultural events to attend or to buy tickets to some specific events. I have found a site on the internet that can make the life easy for people travelling to United States in leisure or business and with some extra time to go deep on the cultural life.

Spectacles like Circle du Soleil are usually booked with weeks, but to get Circle du Soleil tickets is possible at A Cheap Seat site, they have all the information on the events that they have to offer.

And the same if you want the Jersey boys tickets for their shows at different theatres.

On the other side, if you want to assist to a sport event, you must try to get some Angel Stadium tickets and go to a great baseball game. But if you go there in June you must buy tickets to U2 concert at Angel Stadium.

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