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Best way to have followers on the internet

I think that there is no one today without a facebook, twitter or Youtube account. At least one account of course because there are others that have one account for the work colleagues, other account for the old friends from school, another for the special group and so on…
Others, have a competition between friends to see which one of them have the greater number of virtual friends, followers of friends.
But these online networks are also a great marketing tool for companies that need to communicate about their products or services, and today there are a lot of companies with facebook account and the fastest way to increase the number of friends on the network is to buy facebook fans.
If you own a company and want to surprise your competitors, is it possible now to buy real fans from this company, with the profile that you need, buy twitter followers is a way to spread you ad’s and to let people know about your company.
Don’t forget that a fan or a follower is a potential client for your products.
Other marketing strategy passes by Youtube, online advertising is important to the marketers, but one thing is to be on youtube and the other is to be seen on Youtube, and to be sure of that, is it possible also to buy youtube views.
A company need to have a good marketing strategy today, and being on the internet and on the social networks is very important, but only with the right tools.
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