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Prepaid Cards

Europe is struggling and fighting against the economic crisis with more and more families going to bankruptcy. There is a great deal of financial illiteracy, this means people who simply don’t know how to manage credit cards, household budgets and control the financial problems that arise today.

Credit cards, for people who have problems managing the budget are like a bomb ready to explode, the “easy” money always at the individual disposition can act like a trap. Pas over the monthly budget is very easy for someone who just uses a credit card.

But there are other problems nowadays, the risk of being robbed or to lose the card or the wallet is very big, and to transport money is not an option.
So, as you can see, there are two traditional ways of carrying out money that can be problematic one, the credit card due to the dangers of surpass the monthly budget and have to pay more and more interest every month, and the other the risk of being robbed.

But there is a third way of carrying money without having bills and coins in your pocket or wallet, these are the prepaid cards.

How can we define prepaid cards? Well prepaid cards are payment cards that can be pre-loaded with your own money. You can have a prepaid card from one of the major financial companies in the world like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Amex.

Prepaid cards, are in fact prepaid credit cards, without the component Credit! So you just can spend the money that you already have loaded on your card.

This is very important in order to control your household budget.

Now you can ask, what prepaid credit card should I choose? The most common card that you can choose, is the Mastercard, they have very good fees on loading the card, and are widely accepted.

On special dates, like Christmas or birthday dates its usual to give Gift Cards of shop vouchers, normally this type of gifts are only accepted at the shops that issued them, however Prepaid cards are accepted in the most part of the world, giving the freedom to people to buy what they like wherever they like,

So, if you need to control your monthly costs or want to give a present to someone, think about prepaid cards.

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