terça-feira, março 31, 2009

Children plates

I remember so well my children time, when I was a little boy! One of the things that I remember with a great accuracy was the meal time, lunch and dinner specially!

And you don’t even think why these memories are so strong and vivid, but I will tell you!

I had a special plate to eat, only mine, different of the rest of the plates from the family, my soup plate I remember as if was today, had a little duck printed and another on the side, and my meal plate was green, different form the rest of the plates. It was the only green plate at home. This was a way of being different but at the same time to build memories of great moments.

One way of children start to build links and memories is to have personalized children's plates and personalized children's placemats.

With this type of personalized products, children will start to build their own individuality but with excellent memories, connected to good moments.

And keep going with personalized items like the monogrammed tote bags that you will find at Posy Lane.

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