quinta-feira, setembro 15, 2011

Outdoor activities

One of the most important activities to keep up with good health, is outdoor activities. The practice of jogging, walking or other activities that can stimulate your blood circulation and oxygenation of your body is good for your health.

But for doing that it is important to have a good material for sport practice, strong and suitable for the highest performance athletes, capable of resisting to the most hard conditions or the most common ones. People normally use to jog or walk on the neighborhood.

Comfortable shoes in the winter or good sandals in the summer, a good backpack to carry a bottle of water and some energy bars and light clothes are the minimum materials needed for a good walk. For that I recommend Sanuk Shoes, they are very comfortable and light, or Sanuk sandals according to the time of the year where you practice your outdoor activities.

Of course you can have some more things to add to your outfit, like good sunglasses or a hat that protects you from the sun but at the same time can serve as protection against the rain, a compass in order to keep always your north, a light t-shirt and a warm one that you can carry on your bag or backpack for an emergency.

A map of the region and a GPS can be useful too, and I say a map AND the GPS because accidents happen and the batteries don’t last forever, or else you need to have good orientation skills.
There are very good brands on clothing and gear for sports practice, some are very well known and expensive, some are fashionable and other brands are simply the best.

My preferences go for comfortable, durable and appropriate clothes, shoes and backpacks, materials that can make a mountain hike a pleasure and not a sacrifice and that are useful for both jogging and walking.
At Zephyr online store you can find a good selection of the best products and materials for practicing sports and choose also the brand that you prefer.

Buying online at Zephyr is easy, fast and the shipping is free for over $25 (twenty five) US dollars.
They have products for the most radical sports side by side with products for more conventional ones.

So, practicing outdoor sports can and must be done all the year and not only during summer or spring, walking, running, skating or cycling can be done at the winter too, as long that you have the right materials and protections.

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