segunda-feira, outubro 20, 2008

Horizon prep

I have found a site with the mission to educate student in a Christian context, Horizon Prep is a Christian School in San Diego with a spiritual, social, mental and physical Christian concept of education.

They have very interesting goals and their mission is to educate young people with the Christian Commandments specially that one that says, “To love God with our heart, our soul, our mind, and our strength”

So the mission is composed by this four parts Heart that means the spirituality, the Soul connected to the sociability, the Mind, being intellectual, and the Strength, that means the physical part of the education.

With these four parts the Private Christian School San Diego wants to educate the young people helping them to be better people in the future.

And they have a lot of resources like field trips or the attending of classes at the Christian School Rancho Santa Fe.

Horizon prep, has kindergarten and pre-school and from one to eight grade classes, so the children can have a complete Christian education that will prepare them for a future of well being.

They are now in the process of enrolment of new student for the fall, the admission process is easy and begins at January of that calendar year, so the admission to 2009 will start at January of 2009. If the family wants, tours can be scheduled before January, but the application process just begins at this month and applications will NOT be accepted before that.

For information on the application process you must visit Horizon Prep web site and read carefully all the information that they have online.

This is a school to families that are concerned with the education of their children and want the best for them, in a pure and good environment, with great educators!

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