segunda-feira, outubro 20, 2008

Picture hosting

My friends you know that I am always looking for the best gadgets and the newest technology that can help us with the internet, a new site with widgets or some like this that I am presenting you now.

A site to host photos online and for the people that don’t have online space, or a personal domain.

Pict is an online hosting service perfect for the photo maniacs that want to share pictures with all the friends and make a public photo album.

Space on the net is something very valuable and having a place to store the pictures that you can access everywhere in the entire world, with a internet connection, is something unique!

Well Pict can give that freedom of travelling around and save store your pictures online or even send them by mail for your friends!

And it is so easy to use, you just have to upload your files and they will appear online, the allowed formats are JPG, GIF or PNG, no other formats can be uploaded to

For more information on Pict, you must read the terms and user conditions, and the service privacy policy, it is very important to read that before start using Pict.

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