domingo, novembro 23, 2008


I love to travel! Travel is one of my favourite activities, unfortunately the air fares prices are so high that I can not do it so often as I wanted.

I love to go to Paris for a weekend by the Seine, or fly to London for three days of pure delight, and visit the Big Apple, New York, with the huge avenues, but the budget necessary for these trips do not allow me to do it more than one time a Year.

But now with cheap flights, I am starting to think that it will be possible to go to my favourite places more than once a year, and perhaps, three or four times each year.

I started to visit an online page that allows me to search for the best offers and the cheap airline tickets. When I search for this kind of tickets, the budget available for shopping, of to go to attend a show is bigger. Now a part of the money that I used to spend on airplane tickets will be used at Broadway or at Fifth Avenue shops., it is a website that connect the travellers with the best prices, from the cheap airline tickets to the best budget hotels or car rentals.

Planning vacations it is easier now with, and going out for a weekend every two or three months is much more possible with less money!

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