quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2008


I am a fun of street sports, street art, and street clothes, and the essence of all of this is the skateboard sports.

And skateboards are also small pieces of art rolling beneath the feet of younger sports. Everyone who is use to skate wants the most different and unique skateboard deck to show to their friends.

I’m always looking for new sites with skate materials, like the ultimate decks, the complete skateboards from the best brands and manufacturers.

But this is not the only things that I look for on skateboards sites, you know that skating asks for a good outfit a nothing better than visit skateboardspro.com and choose greet jackets or hats.

As you know, skating can be dangerous if performed without the right precautions so having protective gear like a good helmet, a nose guard and knee pads are fundamental to prevent serious injuries.

A good skater beside the skateboard must have accessories to their boards, new wheels, trucks and of course a good repair kit with nuts and bolts, rails, the full hardware!

To be a good skater you must be informed and know the latest moves and all that you can do with your skateboards, test your limits, so, how about learning with the best, by seeing DVD’s or reading some books and magazines about this great sport!

For starting you can buy a complete skateboard full assembled from a very good brand – they are all available at this site – and latter when you feel confident you can build your one.

Building a skateboard is not very difficult, you just need the right components, good wheels, good trucks, a well designed deck,, nuts and bolts, and specially you need to feel the skate, feel that this skateboard will be yours made by you.

So, if you want to start skating, or you are a experienced skater and need to buy materials to your favourite sports, just click here!

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