quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2008

Family room furniture

At my house I am changing my living room, we are buying a new TV set and remodelling the all room.

First we are trying to make from this family room an entertainment center , with a place to hear music, to see a movie on DVD or just to rest and read a good book.

To be comfortable I like a good leather sofa, with space to be and with the touch of leather, smooth and light.

Leather furniture is very classy and with a modern design, and a room with this kind of furniture looks absolutely great.

But a family room must have other pieces of furniture so it gets comfortable for all family, one of these pieces is a coffee table, it is essential on a family room, not only for the coffee but also to have some magazines on fashion and decoration.

At Spacify.com you can choose from a great variety of coffee tables made of wood, glass, metal or a combination of these materials.

A modern entertainment center is the main focus place of the room, the TV set at most part of homes, is the most important item in the family room, all the family sits to see this large window to the world, at the middle of the room.

Visit Spacify.com and look at the great design furniture that they have to you!

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