terça-feira, novembro 18, 2008

Rent to buy, a great ownership program!

A dream for the most part of the families worldwide is to own is one house. By being the owner of your house people are investing in one of the most important assets for the life!

Of course that buying a house is a great investment that cannot by taken in a light way, the cost of a house and all the expenses that are implied on that can be huge.

For a young couple at the beginning of life can be difficult to start buying a house, the income that both contribute for the home budget is not very high and there are some other needs that can take the extra money.

But there is now an option for people that don’t want to have a great debt, on the beginning of life, is the Rent to Buy plan!

Rent to Buy is an ownership plan, where twenty to thirty percent of the rent is put aside to buy the house where people live.

This plan is ideal for people who can get a regular home loan from a bank, or for people that don’t want to start a life with a mortgage on their backs.

If you go to a real estate agency and they verify that you are eligible to rent a home, than you have a high probability to enter a Rent to Buy ownership plan.

And today with the world financial and economic crisis, you know that the banks are narrowing the credit limits and making difficult to everyone to get credit, so this program can free you from a long mortgage with a bank, and at the same time you will be able to buy your house.

Check it out at ownyourhome.com.au, I think that it is a great program for Australians to know!

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