quarta-feira, junho 18, 2008


I am always looking for new gadgets and fonts to improve my presentations. And I use to search in several types of sites, in any language that I know English sites, Portuguese sites, French sites, Italian sites and Spanish sites, those are the languages that I understand very well and that are easy to navigate.

In my search I have found a Spanish language site called Hacking Ballz, full of resources to webmasters, fonts and who tells you everything about proxy’s.

For instance, at the fonts page, the users can download for free a lot of great fonts, nad the most interesting is that they have fonts for PC and for Mac users too.

These fonts are a great resource to webmasters who need different fonts on their pages but also to designers who want great presentations.

At the proxy section, one can find a list of hundreds of anonymous proxy servers who permit to access to the internet maintaining without discloser the IP address.

There is also a section for webmasters with articles and tools who help to develop pages with the languages known.

HackingBallz.com seems to be a great site full of interesting tools to people who wants to add design on their work, from web pages to writing design peaces, like books and logos.

Please check it out and see for yourself, the page is in Spanish language, and is very easy to use.

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