segunda-feira, junho 23, 2008

Lifelock Promotion codes

Lifelock is a company specialized in identity theft prevention, they guarantee your identity for up to one million dollars ($,ooo).

What that means? It means that if someone will take your identity and became you, with documents that are your, like, Drivers license, social security number, birth registration or others

Lifelock guarantee that all the expenses until the amount of $1.000.000 will be covered. With Lifelock, your good name is guarantee. Please visit Lifelock home page in order to be informed of all the protections that this company can give to you.See also the Lifelock reviews.

And is now with a campaign, a promotion code to people who wants to register on one of their plans, This code gives a great discount on Lifelock programs, you can save until $21 (twenty one US dollars) on a adult annual plan and you can save $7,50 (seven dollars and fifty cents) on a child annual plan.

If you decide to go with the monthly plan, you will save less, §1 USD (one Us dollar) on a adult plan each month and §0.25 USD (twenty five cents) on a child monthly plan. Lifelock it is a great way to guarantee that your life and your personal data are really yours, and to prevent identity theft.

Be guaranteed see what Lifelock can do to help you saving your data.

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