quinta-feira, junho 26, 2008

Identity theft protection

Yesterday I have talk to you about Lifelock, today I will explain a little bit better what Lifelock is.

Lifelock is a company specialized in Identity theft protection, and you ask me what is this, Identity theft?

Well, imagine that a burglar entry your home and take your identity cards, your social security number or even your birth certificate, with these documents on this hands, this burglar can become YOU!, Yes, he can build a new you and starting to commit frauds with your name. They can open a bank account, as he was you, and start to pass checks that soon or latter will bounce. And when the check will start to bouncing the banks or the companies victims of this fraud will start looking for you!

Sometimes you only discover that your Identity was stolen when you are turned down to a new loan or when you are contacted by a collection company, in order to pay for things that will never had bought!

With Lifelock you can be protected against this Identity Theft, until 1.000.000 USD ( one million dollars).

They can prevent your Identity to be stolen, they have automated systems that check all the credit bureaus for credits on your name or made on your behalf, and they doo that regularly, but you will need to see that on their site.

They have several plans that you can check, and with Lifelock promo codes you can have a discount on the plan that you choose, monthly or annual plan.

Check the value of having a life lock plan e see the life lock reviews!

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