quinta-feira, junho 26, 2008

Keep talking on Lifelock promo codes

But keep going talking about Lifelock, how they guarantee the 1.000.000 USD ( one million dollars) coverage of damages?

Of course they only guarantee this 1.000.000 USD coverage to people who have a plan with them.

They are a prevention company, and if they cannot prevent your identity to be stolen by someone they are prepared to cover the damages make buy the burglar that had stolen your identity.

Do you remember that burglar that had entry your home and take your identity cards, your social security number or even your birth certificate,

This burglar with those documents created several bank accounts or started to buy cars with checks in your name, and you are not protected with a Life lock plan, on this case there is not much more that you can do, you have to contract a lawyer and start to try to explain everything on the courts.

But, if you had a Life Lock plan, with annual or monthly payments, and your Identity was stolen during the contract that you have with Lifelock, then they will guarantee all the expenses until 1.000.000 USD (one million dollars)

And to enrol to some of the plans you just have to go to Life lock internet page, choose the right plan for you, monthly or annual plan, with a payment of $99 (ninety nine dollars) per adult on the annual plan, or $9 per month. And to see te Ligfe lock value use the promo codes that they have.

Don’t forget, to check out other people Life lock reviews and testimonials! The Life lock reviews by consumers can help you to know more about this company!

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