segunda-feira, junho 30, 2008

LifeLock The Identity Theft protector

Continuing to talk about Identity Theft, and secure ID, I have seen that Lifelock has a page related to this issue.

This news are about Lifelock and how this company can really protect you against Identity Theft.

First of all they guarantee that in case of their protection for some reason does not work, and someone steal your Identity, they are prepared to restore your good name with a 1.000.000 (one million dollars) warranty. So if someone spends any money, commit any fraud with your name, you can be protected!

Second they can give you some optional free credit reports to let you know if there are some credit applications in your name.

They also can reduce the junk mail and the pre-approved credit card offers, that are one way to steal someone identity.

Life lock will place fraud alerts with all the three credit bureaus checking for you name.

And if your wallet is lost or stolen, Lifelock will help you to cancel all the documents lost or stolen and even they will help you to replace these documents.

For new clients, that want to enrol now LifeLock offers a 30 day free trial, and you only pay $9 (nine dollars) per month with the RD12 promotion code!

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