segunda-feira, janeiro 05, 2009


Outdoor living is one of my favourite things to do. Going out into the middle of the nature is something to remember, and it is good to our health.

Getting your backpack and a tent and go to discover the beauty of the forests and mountains, mount the tents near a river and wake up in the morning with the sound of the running waters or the birds singing is quite an experience.

And the outdoor activities like mountain biking, walking or bird watching are one way to keep the body in shape.

Sleep at night in the wilderness and listening for all the forest sounds and try to identify the night sound of the owls and other night birds. Having a small fire at the front of the tent and cooking or making a cup of hot chocolate is other the things that give me great pleasure.

I think that there is no better things to do, than go out with a group of friends and live the experiences of wildlife, identify the birds, see the plants and the flowers typical to our forests and mountains, fishing and preparing the fish at a fire camp.

Can you tell me if is this not a wonderful experience? But to do all al that things, you need to have good camping material, a good tent is essential, a tent that will protect you from the climate and the cold at night, but also light weight, to be easy to transport.

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