sexta-feira, janeiro 09, 2009

Improve your site design

Site visitors always like to find new things on the pages that visit every day, a new post, a new feature, something that will surprise them and make them came back searching for new stuff.

One way to surprise visitors is to have that “something” that makes you different. The problem is that most part of people with personal pages and blogs don’t have the skills to program the page appearance, and just use widgets that the blog services provide.

I have found a free tool on the internet that has no registration requirements and is very easy to use. With this tool you can ad an animated corner to your page flashing you visitors about something new on your page.

As I said it is very easy to use and with the preview button on the site you can see how the final appearance will be.

So, to have your Free Flash Animated Corner - Design Enhancement, just click here.

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