sexta-feira, janeiro 16, 2009

Natural soap bar

If there is something that I really love and that I buy often is bath products, and I am always looking for some different types of soap.

Different scents, different types of soap and specially exclusive types, like natural soap bars made of some really good products to skin treatment and beauty care.

In my search for natural products I have found a internet store with a lot of natural soap bars that I think that are perfect for me, and that I advise to my friends.

The store is called Best Bath Store and there I have found a catalogue of natural soap bars that are very interesting, I look at these bars as exclusive and luxury products, but with prices that everybody can afford.

For instance they have a Natural soap bar special to Acne treatment, has you know, acne treatment can be done trough natural products that restore the pH balance of the skin.

But they have other handmade natural soap bars with orange scent, lavender or vanilla, just to talk about some of the scents available. For me the best, the number one natural soap bars are the Dead Sea body bar and the Rose geranium body bar, they are great and they look great at any bath room.
For my is very important that these soap bars are made with organic and natural extracts that together with essential oils can make my skin clear and soft, and looking great.

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