terça-feira, janeiro 27, 2009

Vendor Finance

One of the most common dream’s, is to be the owner of their own home. However the possibility to buy a house, an apartment or a condo is not available for everyone.

In Australia there is now a rental crisis that tenants are facing, the rental prices are rising very fast and it makes impossible for someone that now rent a house, to save money to buy its own home in the future.

According to the latest numbers, almost one third of the regular monthly income is spent on rent, and that it is a lot of money.

The dream of buying is difficult in these financial conditions.

However there is a company that can help families to achieve their dreams, they are ownyourhome.com.au, and they have the solution to Australian families that want to buy a house. It is called the Rent do Buy solution, where you rent your dream house and you will pay a monthly rent in the same way as a typical rental, but with one small detail that I Think that is a huge detail, a part of the money goes aside to a future purchase of the house.

Another solution is the Vendor finance, a solution where the seller can finance a part or the whole of the house, and it is a way for seller to have their properties faster on the market, and for buyers here is the possibility of buying a house without a huge down payment.

This is a way to make the real estate market in Australia much more dynamic and make the market to move in this time of economic and financial crisis.

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