sexta-feira, abril 24, 2009

Artificial trees and plants

During the past years I have a great experience in visiting clients all over the country and I noted that are two or maybe three kind of offices according to their green look!

You have the modern and plain offices without any green distributed by the office rooms, you just see the plain, modern and clean rooms. Great design with a very plain style!

Then, you have the second type of offices, conservative design some plants on the waiting room, with high maintenance work, water and plant food are necessary to keep them always green and beautiful.

The third type of offices, and the ones that we can find more often nowadays, are the ones who use artificial plants or artificial trees that are superbly designed and manufactured to look exactly the real ones.

To someone who loves real plants it main seems a heresy to have artificial plants on a office, but thinking rationally it is a way of saving the planet too, these plants need almost no maintenance, you only need to clean the dust one a week, you will save water, and chemicals products are not used to keep them always green and alive.

The same can be applied to silk flowers, it is possible to have some beautiful floral arranges, free from water, durable and that you only note the difference, looking very closely!

Silk plants are perfect for closed public places and interiors, because they provide a good looking environment without the troubles of having live plants with ll the maintenance needed to keep them alive and beautiful.

If your forget to water your live plants for a week, it will be possible that they die in a mater of a few days, but with artificial trees, silk plants and silk flowers they will stay green for ages!

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