terça-feira, abril 14, 2009

Cookies and candies, wedding favours

At weddings normally people use to give to the newly weds, presents, gifts that will help start their life in common.

At the reception however it is use for the bride and groom to have some small gifts used like a small token of friendship, these tokens, are known as wedding cookie favors and are fully personalized to the event.

But you can use these edible wedding favours for more than a wedding, if you have a party or a corporate event, you also can use the classy and inexpensive as a promotional gift. You can choose between cookies and candies, what are the most appropriate to you event.

Candy wedding favors or cookies they are all delicious, cheap and very attractive, you just need to choose the package that you like, the ribbon and the font to personalize your message, and Posy Lane, will do the rest!

Posy Lane is an online store with a complete list of personalized gifts suitable to corporate events, parties, weddings and other personal events that come across your life!