quinta-feira, abril 09, 2009


Do you remember to have fun when you where a little boy and get down the street on you roller cart?

Well I do remember and it was great! Of course that in those times the cart rollers where very primitive and made by us, with some wood and four wheels.

Now the kids have the Ezy-roller a three wheels cart without pedals, chains or batteries, this cart rolls very smoothly just by moving the feet. With the feet movement the cart will glide forward, and when your kid think that the he is speeding, than it is time to press the breaks.

These Ezy-Rollers are great, and can be found at Posy Lane, a online store with a great number of different gadgets, toys and personalized items.

And talking on personalized gifts, normally on the Spring and Summer time couples use to get married so having personalized wedding favours can be very distinctive

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