terça-feira, abril 07, 2009

How to personalize a letter

I like to have my stationery personalized, but I don’t like to spend a lot of Money doing that, for instance, I use plain letter paper to communicate with my family, and I write by hand of course. I think that a personal letter must be written and not printed in a computer printer, it seems to be a very cold way to send a letter to friends and family.

Then I have found Posy Lane, that is an online store with good stuff that help people to personalize everything.

Now I am thinking in buying personalized ink stamps, with that my letters will look very different and original.

Instead of PSa essentials ink stamp I also can use an embosser that will make a emboss mark on my letter paper.

Next time that I will send some gifts to my friends, like nam's bits chocolate chip cookies I will use my new embosser or my new personalized ink stamp, and my friends will be astonished with the good look of a simple and plain letter.

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