terça-feira, setembro 23, 2008

Car donation

Today I am writing about a charity organization that need your help to provide goods, education and all that children need to survive.

They don’t ask for money, but of course cash is also welcome in the struggle against poverty and all that those children needs. They ask for your used car, a donation of your used car can help as if it was money.

When you want to change car please think in what your used car can do to help to provide children needs, and you don’t know the best, its tax deductable, they will give you an instant receipt to discount on your IRS when you donate your car.

You then ask. How can I donate my car to this organization? It’s easy, just contact them through the site carangel.org and then you will find a free telephone number where you can talk with a live operator to ask for all the information that you need.

Remember, you car donation can help to sponsor children all over the world, providing food and education, can also help to reform juvenile and adult prisons, will help medical training all over the world, anti-drug projects, help on adolescent pregnancy, full university scholarships, disaster relief and much more!

Car Angel is a program from Angel Ministries, an organization located in Arizona but working nationwide that started to receive used vehicles in 2001 as one of the means to collect help to provide the needs for charity all over the world.

They collect your used vehicle and they will check it up and if it possible to make him as good as new, they will sell it and the profit will be used on charity, if your car doesn’t fit the rules for selling, will be dismantled and can be sold as parts or to recycling!

As you can see, donate your car, and charity will profit from that, and you also receiving a receipt for your tax deduction!

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