segunda-feira, setembro 01, 2008

Lifelock protection

A few days ago I have seen in the news that on ebay there was sold a personal computer with the personal and financial data from some millions of consumers, clients of a great company!

The first thing that come to my mind was, “this people is in a big trouble”, the data stored on this personal computer it is like gold for identity thief’s.

Imagine what these criminals could do with the credit card numbers, security numbers and the rest of the personal data from these clients! They almost could buy a voyage to the Moon and return! They will be the first space tourists to voyage with stolen data!

To prevent that you are not one the “lucky” ones that have pay for the trip to the Moon you will need to be protected against Identity Theft!

Lifelock it is a company specialized in Identity theft protection, they provide this kind of services to more than 700 000 satisfied costumers!

If you want more information on identity theft, you must see the lifelock reviews from consumers that are very well protected against this kind of crime!

And if you want to also be protected you can apply to a monthly or annual contract and use one of their lifelock promo codes!

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