sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2008

Computer memory

Today, the computers have a very fast development, almost every month or every week there is a new computer getting out of the hardware houses.

One buy a computer that is it the most modern and complete with the more advanced features and the next month the same brand release another one with, more memory and new and fast hard disk, great processer speed and you start looking to your computer and think, what can I do to keep up with this speed of development?

One of the most important parts of the computer, not talking of the brain, that it is the processer, that part who takes the heat of calculations and all the invisible tasks of the computer, but keep on going, the most important is to have a good memory at your computer.

You always need some extra RAM, for that graphic design or for the latest game that you have seen at the window shop, or in the internet!

And it is so easy to Buy computer memory, online it is the easiest way, at, a computer owner can almost duplicate the computer memory to the double for less than $100 USD (one hundred dollars).

Of course you have to know the right type of memory to you computer, or the right kind of module to all the computers that you want to upgrade, and the risk can be huge, if your are talking about an IT department will hundreds of computers to upgrade. Imagine if you buy the wrong type of memory, can have huge losses.

And you know that an Apple Memory it is not the same as a personal computer the Mac Ram it is different.

At memory deal, the owner assures that every module of memory will fit the right computer because they offer to the costumers the genuine factory original memory modules suitable for each upgrade!

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