quarta-feira, setembro 24, 2008


I am looking for the best sites that sell computers and hardware material on the net!

I was searching and browsing and I stop at one great site specialised in selling superwarehouse at Dailymotion.com.

Every day they put a video with the hardware that they sell, like new macintosh computers.

Today there is a big “fight” between the powerbook admirers and the pc fans, what is the best computer to work and to play at home or the best graphics design computer.

It’s the mac vs pc fight!

But at Superwarehouse.tv you can find also some very good videos like this one that sell a HP Laser Jet P3005N All in One Printer, it is a very good video, great online advertising.

At Superwarehouse it is possible to find much more as they have more than 50.000 products to sell from Apple, HP, Cisco, IBM, Sony, Canon, Epson, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Xerox and much more.

And yes you have seen right, more than 50.000 (fifty thousands) products, computers, printers, at the lowest prices that you can find, and in United States they offer free shipping in orders over $299 (two hundred and ninety nine dollars).

See the video and check the review that they make for the HP printer!

Buy a HP Laser Jet P3005N All in One Printer

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