quarta-feira, setembro 17, 2008

Value of life lock

There is a while since I was talking to you about Identity theft, but with the latest news about economic crisis, problems with credit, mortgages and other financial problems, it is imperative to talk about this crime.

As you know, at crisis times there is a increase on crime and economic fraud, and one of the most common today is Identity theft, because it is relatively simple, the robber only need to have access to the personal data from the victim, online in bank or credit card sites, or offline, taking your wallet with documents, or even seeing your credit card number in a store or restaurant.

And once they are in possession of your data, the crime it is very easy to perform, a fake credit card, and they start to buy all kind of goods, they apply for a credit, collect the money and don’t start to pay, you know there is a lot of ways to steal money from you!

And there is where Lifelock can help you, do you know what is the value of Life lock, in your life?

It is easy, they can protect you against Identity theft and cover your losses until $1.000.000, yes you have seen right, one million dollars, but only if you are protected!

They can check the major credit card companies, bank, insurance for applications made on your behalf, and they can act against possible crimes!

See Lifelock reviews and be sure that they can protect you against one of the most important crimes today!

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