sexta-feira, julho 18, 2008

Cheap Flights from UK to Everywhere

We are now in full Summer, time for most Europeans go on holydays, take a few days or a few weeks to go out and relax.

And the best thing for relaxing is going out of our home town, take a plane and go to catch some Sun! The problem arrives when we start thinking, that there is a crisis going on, with the oil prices rising almost every day!

Well, we can now go for holydays and not spend a lot of money on airplane tickets! With direct line Flights we can search for cheaper flights departing from London of other UK airports without getting worried about the high costs of oil!

Imagine that you want to go from London in Holydays to Lisbon in Portugal to hear some of the national Portuguese song Fado, or the eat some of the fresh grilled fish that you ever tasted, you just have to digit on the search box the name of your departure airport and the destination, and let the site search the best offers to you.

For instance, now the sun is hot, and a visit to sunny Algarve, in Portugal with their white sands beaches, good pubs, and excellent food it is a very good option, so I have searched departures from London (Gatwick) to Algarve (Faro Airport) and the tickets with roundtrip cost only £212 (two hundred and twelve pounds) including airport taxes, per person, this is a very good price! And there are a lot of flights every day, you just have to book online to have the best flight deals.

So if you want to go somewhere in your holydays check the cheap flights at Direct Line Flights!

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