segunda-feira, julho 14, 2008

Life lock services

Continuing with Identity theft, people can ask herself why they have to pay to protection when they can do the work form themselves, well the main reason is that with a monthly contract they know that their protection is effective month after month and that they will not spot be protected because Life lock, will check every month all the major credit companies data bases searching for credits asked in your name!

Having protection with Life lock is as easy as an oil change, a lawn care or a car wash, it is something that you regularly have to do, but that you don’t mind if there is someone else to do for you!

All you need now is to see consumer reviews and ask yourself, can I check every month or every two months the data bases to see if there is anything wrong with my credits, or I prefer to pay to Life Lock to do that for me and with a $1.000.000 (one million American dollars) warranty?

If your answer is that you can do that yourself, than you don’t need Life lock, but be sure that if you will have any problem in the future you will be full responsible for all the expenses that you will have, with no warranties like the one provided by Lifelock!

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