quarta-feira, julho 09, 2008

Life lock Consumer Reviews

Nothing better to know everything about Lifelock and all about their business in protecting people against Identity Theft, than see with your own eyes the reviews of satisfied consumers.

They have a group or reviews from consumers and clients protected by Lifelock that tell us how the protection works.

For instance they have a story how Lifelock CEO was hacked and someone used is name to get a payday loan of $500 (five hundred American dollars) and the check cashing company did not verify the identity of this robber. And Lifelock paid the five hundred dollars spend by this robber without a blink!

And you now that Medicare beneficiaries are at risk? In all of the Medicare cards there is the social security number (SSN) and everyone can use it to steal your identity. They say at Medicare that taking the numbers out of the cards will have to spend a huge amount of money!

Do you now that at June more or less 38 individuals were charged of stealing cards, social security numbers, and a lot of other personal information? They have cloned debit and credit cards and withdraw thousands of dollars from bank accounts of the victims!

These are some of the stories that you can read at the review site of Lifelock.com.

And don’t forget you can be protected and have a discount when you become a costumers, with lifelock promotional codes

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