quarta-feira, julho 16, 2008

Choose for the best - Life Lock

Continuing to see the Lifelock reviews, I have seen two other services provided by them and that seem to me very interesting!

These two services are eRecon and trueAdress that are trade marks from Like Lock! And you ask what these services do?

Well, they scan continually the internet searching for information that the custumers personal information has been compromised and that someone is using some of your data on the internet!

I have been told you that the number of Life Lock customers was more or less 400.000 (four hundred thousands) but now, they have more than 700.000 customers, it was my mistake, and I apologize for that!

You know that 700.000 people is now well protected by Lifelock, they have compared Lifelock services with other identity theft protection companies and have choose Life Lock!

And they have contribute to make Life lock the number one among the Identity Theft protection companies, this is really something!

You have to see the blog entries at Life lock blog and see everything that they can do for you, but more important is to read the customer reviews and specially before signing up with Lifelock or with another company you have to check them out!

First read the company website and them compare the services provided, the warranties, and the costumer satisfaction ratings, and then go for the Best, Life Lock of course!

Don't forget to use the promotion code!