sexta-feira, julho 18, 2008

Life Lock can help you!

This weekend I was talking with some friends that had a problem with their credit cards! They have been abroad in a Holyday trip and have pay in a restaurant with their credit card, and someone had cloned the card and copied the data from the passport, to make a fake passport to someone else.

They had credit problems because they have found that someone in United States used their credit card and their personal data to open a bank account and started to use checks and buying small appliances without paying for it!

I told to my friends that if they where protected against Identity Theft from Life Lock they did not had any one of these problems. They asked me what it is Identity theft and how they could be protected against these frauds!

I explained that being protected by Life lock prevents that someone in your behalf can open accounts, ask for a credit, or for a loan, or get a credit card with your name on it, but in case that this could happen, as you now there is no system 100% secure, they have a $1.000.000 (one million American dollars) warranty, that pay all the expenses made by the people who steal your Identity!

And to let them know, all the benefits of identity Theft protection by LifeLock I told hem to see the consumer reviews and then to profit from the promotional code that they have to new costumers!

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