quarta-feira, julho 02, 2008

New promotion codes form Lifelock

Yesterday I was seen a movie on TV, about Katrina hurricane, and New Orleans massive destruction with this catastrophe!

One of the things that I found interesting, was a couple talking about Identity Theft, there was someone other living a life of a Firemen, their Identity had been stole by someone!

So, you see fiction follows reality, at the movie business they are also concerned with this problem, and You need to be concerned with this problem too.

You never know when someone stole your wallet or purse with all your documents on it and sell them to someone to commit frauds or other crimes.

And it is so easy to be protected against Identity Theft, you just need to go to Lifelock Web page, and read all about Identity Theft, and how they can protect you, all the warranties they have, and how to become protected by them.

Now, they have a promotion, just for $9 (none dollars) a month you can be fully protected against Identity Theft, and they guarantee in case of any fail from them a protection until $1.000.000 (one million dollars).

Go to Lifelock.com web page and use the Lifelock promotion code that they have for you, and sleep better at night knowing that your Identity is protected!

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