segunda-feira, julho 14, 2008

Eliminate debts

Nowadays, one adult male or female have a great number of credits and loans, lets see what is the average number of credits and loans that an average family have today:

Well the couple will have at least two credit cards, one for him and one for her, and I say at least, because each individual will normally have two major credit cards and sometimes come store credit card too. So I think that an average family will have on average three major credit cards and one more store credit card.

Then we can ad some more credits or loans, like the house mortgage, perhaps a car loan and some other personal credits, like student loan or other personal loans.

At least an average family will have a total of five to six loans and credits, between credit cards, mortgages and other loans! At the end of a month there are a huge pile of bills to pay and credit statements arrived, and the money goes all or almost all to pay these credits! And the family will start the new month again living on credit cards and new debts on top of the old debts!

How can a family get rid of these increasing debts and eliminate those new and suffocating debts!

There is an organization that can help people at these situations with high debts and living month after month on their credit cards, with huge interests and on the edge of bankruptcy! They are specialized on eliminating debts helping people to consolidate their credits all in one or negotiating lower payment rates and lower instalment payments.

To eliminate debts people need to do some sacrifice and to eliminate all the non essential expenses, no going out to a restaurant or to a movie can help on your debt elimination.

If you need some advice please visit their site, they are a non profit organization who already helped a great number of people eliminating debts!

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