sexta-feira, dezembro 12, 2008

Hair Loss Treatment for men and women

One of the problems that men and some women have is hair loss when aging. To some people hair loss start’s sooner than to others, it is usual to see young men, on their late twenties or on the early thirties with some hair problems and starting to get bold or with a fine a tick hair.

Some of the conditions that take place and take to hair loss are genetic, but other conditions depend on the food that everybody eats, the pollution and other external conditions.

To prevent, there are hair loss treatments that can help to stop hair loss, some of these treatments are bases on surgical interventions, with the hair implant on the subject head.

Other treatments, are more preventive, and stop the hair from losing and event strength the hair during the treatment.

But if you think that hair loss it is exclusive of men, you are thinking wrong, women are to subject to these problems, with hair thinning and even hair loss.

Due to difference in metabolism, men and women have different reactions to the same treatment, and this is the main reason to have different types of products for both genders.

Even at the supermarket, when we see shampoos, there are some specific for men, and other more suitable for women.

And the same happen with treatments for hair conditions, there are specific hair loss treatment for men and there are other for women.

Hair loss treatment for women are different because the baldness can happen due to different problems, form aging, to the use of hair colouring products very aggressive, to other type of conditions.

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