quarta-feira, dezembro 17, 2008

Vegetarian recipes

I am trying to live a healthier life, I need to lower down my cholesterol levels that are extremely high, that and all the fats on my blood circulation.

High cholesterol is a problem in great part due to wrong food ingestion, cholesterol is mainly a fat that is ingested by eating animal products, cheese and meat.

One way of eating healthier and with good fats, is to opt for vegetables, or a diet mainly composed by vegetables.

Vegetables are low in fat and there are a great variety of ways of eating them, soups, salads, raw, or cooked, you just need to have the right vegetarian recipes.

It is possible to have low fat vegetarian meals that taste superb and look wonderful. Vegetarian food plates can be so good looking as the most exquisite high cuisine.

To know more about vegetarian food, there is a very nice blog that is full of recipes and tips to help people to eat healthier, is The Veggie Guy!

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