quarta-feira, dezembro 31, 2008

Wet environments and nail problems

Today I will write about a nail and toe problem caused by wet environments, commonly known as Nail Fungus, if it appears on the fingers, Toe fungus if it appears on the Toenails.

There are several causes to this kind of problems, nail fungus are normally caused by micro organisms called dermatophytes, that means organisms that live and develop on the skin and under the nails when the found a good environment.

Nail fungus are easily found on shower rooms or at swimming pools, wet environments with the right conditions to their development and when they appear on the nails you will note that there is a discoloration of you toe or finger nails in a yellow or black colour than can evolve to cover the entire nail.

Nail fungus treatement must start at the first signs of appearance of the fungus and can be done by several means, oral, with antifungal treatments, and these ones can have side effects due to body reactions to some of the components, or trough external solutions, that don’t have these side effects, because they are derived form natural oils that do not attack your system.

One of these solutions to Nail fungus treatment, and to Toe fungus treatment is the Zetaclear Antifungal Solution.

The use of solutions to Toenails fungus treatment also implies that people with this nail problem should follow some basic hygiene rules that can be found right here.

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