segunda-feira, dezembro 08, 2008

Online degrees

The so-called e-Learning has already a long history. The first initiatives of use of computerized networks in higher education date from the mid-70s of the twentieth century.
From the early 90s, the Web is still a highly academic network and becomes as it is today, a network within reach of an increasingly broad audience, with access from work or home for a number growing of users.
Nowadays there are many distance learning degrees and distance learning classes being offered. Selecting the right online distance learning degree is not always easy, and it is even more difficult when you are an adult learner with multiple responsibilities.
The Distance Learning Blog is a resource form Baker Online College that intends to help to deal with all this information. This Blog was created with the intention that students could share online degree experiences. Through the Blog is possible to access distance learning degree reviews, perform an online degree search, browse through informative distance education articles, research credit for life experience, and even learn how to finance an online college degree.

Online it is now possible to attend to business programs online or to see doctoral online degree programs.

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