sexta-feira, dezembro 12, 2008

Hair loss, what to do to prevent?

Hair Loss treatment - HLT, is a Great blog for people with hair loss problems and thinning hair.

At this page it is possible to find all the information on hair conditions, alopecia, type of hair loss, and what causes hair loss on men and women.

Did you know, for instance, that at the 30’s, the hairline of men start to recede, that means more forehead and less hair! This is called androgenic alopecia, and it pass from one generation to another.

The main reasons for hair loss in men are, age, hormones and heredity, these three conditions can lead a men to baldness if there is no treatment.

Starting an hair loss treatment for men will prevent hair loss with the most modern science and products.

On the other way, women are experience the same type of problems and hair loss in women can take them to depression.

The causes of hair loss in women are different than the reasons of men hair loss. The problem in women is that with age they stop producing hair to replace the ones that naturally fall. But other reasons increase the loss of hair, like the chemicals that they use to colour the hair, some diets to loose weight are some of the worst enemies of hair and can accelerate hair loss.

In the same way, there are specific hair loss treatment for women with special products designed to women hair.

At HLT they have a lot of information on hair loss causes, hair loss treatment and products to prevent hair loss and help people to keep the hair on their heads.

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