sexta-feira, dezembro 05, 2008

Photography lessons

I am a huge fan of photography, I remember to start with an old camera, a 35 mm compact more than twenty years ago.

All that I have learned in photography was by my one, by experimentation and a lot of films and photographic paper.

At that time I didn’t even think in taking a photography course, to learn everything about the process.

Colour photos and black and white photography have different shooting techniques, different light conditions and the preparation is completely different just to obtain the best results.

At New York Institute of Photography, you can learn from the basics of photography to the most elaborate ways of shooting a scene. You will learn with respected real life photographers, and combine their lessons with NYI online magazine full of photography tips that will help you to be a better photographer.

The NYI complete course will give the skills to succeed as a professional photographer or to be a very good amateur, shooting landscapes or taking some excellent photos of your family and friends.

This course is composed by 30 illustrated lesson booklets that cover the A to Z of photography, and also 6 Live Action DVD’s with real professionals at work.

New York Institute of Photography, if you like photography then you must bookmark their site.

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