quarta-feira, dezembro 03, 2008

Project management!

Having a business today implies that the owners have to know how to manage the company. In order to generate income, a good management is essential and for that it is necessary to have the best tools on the market.

There is software on the market to help managers to do that with online project management, task management, project scheduling and even team collaboration, all that in one single central place.

This project management software was designed for the real world, for real people to work with, not only the IT professionals of the company.

Liquid planner is that software that I was talking about, and it is a simple and powerful alternative to Microsoft Project.

But there is more, in the area of project collaboration, there is another and new approach called Base camp, with this software there is an improvement on communication inside the project team, and between the project team and the clients.

With simple and powerful project management working together with the simplicity of good communication software, the success rate is higher and time of project improvement is lower.

Having the possibility of work with simple communication tools such, Make to do lists, sharing files easy, tracking the project time, and scheduling milestones, knowing what are the tasks to do and the responsible for them, is essential for the success.

The project management software, Liquid Planner, allows real time scheduling, so you can be alerted to the project killing delays, you can create accurate timelines with Ranged estimation tools, the teams cam keep always connected with the project collaboration tools.

And more, analysis can be done in a snap, with the dashboard and report tools.

This web based software is always on easy to use.

Read the reviews and satisfaction surveys on Liquid planner and Base camp, and you can start seeing that project management software can be simple and yet powerful!

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